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  1. pbrewster

    Anyone else? '03-'06 YZF's

    Just realized that I'm logged in under my brother's account. The previous two posts were by "XT2YZ".
  2. pbrewster

    Anyone else? '03-'06 YZF's

    Correction. I need to do some more searching but I have not found this kit for Yamahas. Apparently the 2002 CRs have a design flaw with the air box that has warranted aftermarket companies to produce a sealing kit. I also saw them for Kawis. Take into consideration the concept and I'm sure something could be made in the shop. Now to call the patent office
  3. pbrewster

    Anyone else? '03-'06 YZF's

    Thanks for the advice. What are the "rear passages" you are reffering to?
  4. pbrewster

    Your motocross Music?

    Nobody Cares Mudvayne is lame anywayz the Hip-Hop mx movement has begun
  5. pbrewster

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    cpbloyer are you going this weekend. I dont have winter tires, how much snow is there? I would try it on my regular treads. let me know.
  6. pbrewster

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    im dying to ride. let me know im 17 in stpaul ride 97 cr250