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  1. Yamaharider250

    What should I buy?

    I have 1400$$ cash.. im looking for a 250cc+ four stroke dirtbike that is good for trails/mx... does anybody have anything for sale or have any advice on what i should buy? thanks
  2. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    Yeah when i drove my friends TTR 125 i was like uhhh no tourqe lol but it was still fun to mess around with... do you know about how high a WR 250 sits ... shouldnt be that high since its a trail bike they usually sit a lil lower right??
  3. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    Im not new to machines all the way around i mean right now i have a predator 500 and i can throw it around all day... just dirtbikes... i LOVE things with power, so the WR would probably be the right chjoice because i have 2 MX tracks around my house.... and plenty of trails through woods and fields and everything .... so by next summer how much you think an 00 or 01 would be??
  4. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    Ok awesome im loving all of these quick answers, So they TTR can take a beating? Its between the TTR 250 and the WR250f... all i need is a 250 4 stroke trail bike that can take hitting jumps and can take some beating and is snappy and has speed and is around 2100 dollars. Let me know if you have any further opinions!!
  5. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    Oh I wsa looking at the WR's they def. look really nice, thats pretty quick too and they are pretty snappy? How much do you think id be lookin at for like an 01 if i bought around next summer?
  6. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    So if i came up with about 2,000 or so, that should get me the YZ250f? and thats a nice bike to go with? do you know the top speed or if youve ever ridden one, are they pretty snappy and nice on trails???
  7. Yamaharider250

    What should I get?

    Ok this is my situation, my friend just brought over his 05 ttr 125, ever since ive been hooked on 4 stroke dirtbikes, their GREAT on trails. I havent owned a dirtbike before so im asking you guys for some help. I have about 1450.00 to spend on one, im looking for a 250cc dirtbike. Mayb the YZ250F or the TTR 250, or if there are any other nice bikes out there. I will be doing a lot of trail and road riding, so i want speed when i need it and acceleration when i need it. If you guys could please help me out! I am about 5' 8" and weigh 155 pounds. Please give me your opinions they will be greatly appriciated!!