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    racing...lot's of it. c'mon
  1. Dave is the King.
  2. I'm one of Dave's "Thrash tester's". Thank you Dave for always helping me. The pipes work! See you at the races.
  3. I'm putting an '05 motor in an '08 bike for a couple of races while I await repairs on my '08 motor. I need to know if all the electronics will jive. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. ProGrip rebound stopper. Any more info? I did see the other post.
  5. Yes! Mrd.(800)616-6954 Do It!
  6. Sx

    Mr.Dave should I have one? ***?
  7. X2 on the bracket. Roll front axl on the bench to see if it's bent. I bent both at the same time and the brake was "engaged".
  8. I have them all. What would be the best fork for off road? Set up or advice. I do D37 big6 and lots of Glen Helen GP's, Expert. Oh, on an 08 450 Honda stock clamps. Thanks.
  9. Try this should work or call. Let me know.
  10. Did you look at ? The pipes are all hand made to your needs. From moto to woods... I'm helping you. Check out or call Dave @951-202-5474 Your welcome......Craig
  11. Will ANY of those pipe guys fix it for free? And you get to spend $650-$850 for so called "bling".
  12. Do you jags realy ride these show bikes?!
  13. Try Call the man who will make "your pipe" any way you want it. Sorry no fmf or akrapovic stickers to impress the ladys with.
  14. Tell Dave I sent you, he will set you up with any thing you want.
  15. I "Loved" him first.