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  1. mike3770

    Building project!!

    If i were you i would just go to planetminis or 50riders classified section and find a stock xr/crf50 motor, dont buy a knockoff motor, if your going to build a pitbike from ground up you should buy good qualifty parts so it lasts and its worth it. Somtimes people part out there bikes and already have 88 kits so just look around before deciding to get a knockoff motor. just my 2 cents.
  2. mike3770

    Want the pit bike look..

    www.xr50.com has parts for xr/crf 50's and has parts for tt-r50's too. A tall bar kit will give you some room for your legs and stiffer spring will raise it up and help from bottoming out.
  3. mike3770

    2004 YFZ 450 or 2007 Raptor 350

    My friend has a raptor 350 and there a great trail quad, skinny, comfortable and are smooth. Its night and day between the yfz and raptor 350, ones made to race, the other is made for trails and recreational riding. Either way I would look into getting the yfz though just becuase eventully you will grow out of the raptor 350 and want to go faster.
  4. mike3770

    Blaster pre-mix ratio?

    My friend ran 32:1 when he had his blaster and it ran fine. I would deffently get the oil injection block off kit, his blew up twice becuase of it failing.
  5. mike3770

    pipe for stock crf50

    If your paying $450 for a 50 pipe the place you buy it from should stop smoking crack.. www.xr50.com has some good prices.
  6. mike3770

    New Plastic

    My friend got a set off ebay for like 30 bux or somthing and they were a little hard to put on becuase some things didnt line up but they held up fine for the price. Im thinking of getting ebay set for the winter to beat on.
  7. mike3770

    Beginner Questions *modding*

    As far as the "best" bar kit I dont know, but I have a sano bmx bar kit and I love it. And it comes with, bars, throttle, longer front brake cable, grips, front brake perch,and the bar clamps.
  8. mike3770

    Want 2 New Pit Bikes Now!!!

    Why dont you buy a crf50 and put the other 1200 into it.
  9. mike3770

    Blaster idle problems

    Sounds somewhat like jetting to me. Maybe try www.projectblaster.com they have a forum for just blasters.
  10. mike3770

    new exhaust

    I would go with the nmotion.
  11. mike3770

    cam mod question,

    3RDI pretty much sumed it up if you need any other questions or need help heres the directions i used to do mine. http://www.yfzcentral.com/cammod.htm
  12. mike3770

    need a stand

    For a bike or quad? Just curious becuase your in the quad topic and you said you needed one for bike? If its for a quad sears has these lifts that arent hydrolic but the have a stand thats just like a jack but has two arms that are wide enough for a atv that will lift it off the ground like a couple feet. My freind has one for his utility quad.
  13. mike3770

    Quieter pipe than stock????

    Do you think making the pipe a couple inches longer would make it quieter? Becuase I ride quads and they make shorty pipes that are soo loud so maybe haveing someone cut the pipe, welding in a two inch piece of pipe in making it further back then have the welder make tabs to bolt it back to the frame. I dont know, just a thought, might not work but its worth a try.
  14. mike3770

    CR250 jetting

    A friend of mine has a 2002 CR250 and it is completly stock. He is getting a pro circut pipe/silencer and does not know what he should run for jetting. It is anywhere between 70-90 degrees and we live at about 1000ft above sea level. thanks
  15. mike3770

    z50 points?

    A buddy of mine has a 1979 z50 and it runs like crap and he was told he needs to either redew his points or get new points, i dont know anyhting about points....what are points and how do they work? thanks