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  1. pman12

    MY DuRZZZ is dead..... HELP!

    Change your spark plug. I don't care how new it was......put a brand new one in it and try again. Sent from my HTC One using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. pman12

    How to clean up engine corrosion?

    I've used Eagle One Mag Wheel Cleaner, I spray it on a cold engine, let it soak for about 30 seconds, and scrub with a brush with long hard bristles, and it makes my engine look almost new! It has some kind of acid in it and it can be found at any parts store.
  3. pman12

    Which style jets for KLR650?

    I'm rejetting b/c there is alot of bad flat spots throughout the entire band. Part of that is cuz the bike was lean to start with, but mainly b/c there have been alot of mods done to make the lean situation even worse. The air box lid has been removed, the backfire screen also removed, the air filter is now a UNI, the pipe is a Supertrapp, and Now I'm gonna drill the slide to 1/8", put in a #42 pilot, a #155 main and shim the needle up .06-.07. It is at about 600 ft above sea level. Bike is a daily driver on the street and will rarely see much more than a dirt road, but NO mud.
  4. pman12

    Which style jets for KLR650?

    thanks again for the heads up...b/c its the weekend i wasn't going to order until sunday or monday!
  5. pman12

    Which style jets for KLR650?

    thank you!
  6. I'm ordering jets for the carb, but I have'nt taken it aprt yet. Which style mains and which style pilots. I know its kehein....but hex or round mains(top hat style or not) and which length pilot. Any advice would be helpfull.
  7. pman12

    650L jet part numbers

    I've done three carbs for 650l's and always just get them from www.bajadesigns.com Just get there phone# and call don't try to figure the website out...Tell them what # jets you want and what year bike...they know what to send.
  8. pman12

    WANTED: Stock XR650L Wheels

    I have a complete set of wheels.....off of an 04 with less than 1600 miles on them. Just mounted a Brand new set of Metzler Lazertech tires 90/90/21 130/80/18 with new tubes Zero miles on them as of TODAY. I will sell them for the right price.
  9. I've already uncorked the bike, but now I'm thinking of adding a White Bros E2 pipe. Is the 158/55 combo still Okay or do i need to bump up the main. I have an 03 650L and am at 665ft above sea level.