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  1. Will the shock spring off of a crf250 fit in a crf 450?
  2. dynojetfarm

    How much drag? (feeler guage)

    I was adjusting my valves for the first time last night and I had trouble telling which feeler guage was the correct one. I can get two different sizes in their both with different amounts of drag. The .011 would go if i forced it and still slide back and forth. The .010 went in easier but had much lighter pull. Does anyone have any tips on how to tell the amount of drag I should have on the feeler so I can get this damn thing back together?
  3. dynojetfarm

    will rekluse clutch rob power?

    I am also wandering how well it will perform on a motocross track, since that is where I do 95% of my riding. I have read many posts raving about it in the woods but not much has been said about it on the track. If anyone has any experience with it riding motocross I would love to hear you thoughts or impressions.
  4. dynojetfarm

    will rekluse clutch rob power?

    Hi i just bought a rekluse for my crf 450 because of tendon damage to my left wrist but I am worried about it robbing power. Their website says it ads 6 oz of rotating mass to the clutch and to me this sounds like alot. Kinda like a flywheel weight. Has anyone noticed a lack of bottom end snap or any power differences with their recluse.