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  1. yellowryder99

    Im 15 and a race an 85, what do i do?

    i think if you turn 16 and you still want to ride your 85 you can ride in the school boy class and open maybe buuut FYI not toomany people will say anything if your over age just dont put your real age on the sign up form.. im not sayin its right to so called "cheet" but i mean your not realy your just a small person " and i would ride 85s till people started protesting me
  2. yellowryder99

    Anyone try tank foam??

    WHAT>!>!?! thats rediculous! why would i spend 50! dollars on a dang ole peice of foam when i can just cut a peice off of my stankin pillow and use it??? you damn yankees from the north are spoilt
  3. yellowryder99

    05 sticks to the right

    dude dont listen to these goons they dont know what there talkin about... my 06 rmz 250 does this and its doen it for a looonng time and i resently took it all apart and its fine .. i was checkin out the steering stopper thing thats welded on to the front of the frame and on the left side it kinda has a notch in it and it just gets stuck in there... that is what i think...
  4. yellowryder99

    Im 6 2, what bars do guys my height run?

    the pastrana bars are realy tall but there realy skinny too thats why there the "pastrana freestyle" ones but im 6 1 r 2 and i have the protaper windham bend and the adapters for the oversize bars and i realy like them alot
  5. yellowryder99

    ipod nano

    thanks alot man
  6. yellowryder99

    ipod nano

    does any one know how to put pictures on an ipod nano?
  7. maybe she likes to crash?
  8. yellowryder99

    sweet video

    awsome vid
  9. yellowryder99


    yeaah but dont tell anyone you switched plastics, theyll call you a reject
  10. yellowryder99

    my kickstart is stiff and i cant get it to start

    woah dude dont stomp on it if it doesnt kick over normaly jeez , but ur motors prolly seized and blown get ready to fork out some $$$
  11. yellowryder99

    EZ ups. Worth the Money?

    wayyy worth the money comes in handy alot
  12. yellowryder99

    Throttle response question

    i live in louisiana and my bike does that like when i get on the gas quick it bogs what should iiiii do/?
  13. yellowryder99

    Clutch cables! AGH!

    dude the same thing happind to me like 2 or 3 months ago i got a 2006 rmz 250 and it broke like 2 or 3 inches from the lever and when i took it all the way off it was fixin to break about 2 inches from where it hooks to the motor we went to geta new one and they gave us one for a 06 kx 250f and it didnt fit and finly we found the right one can you post pics of what u filed down and stuff? plz thanks
  14. yellowryder99


    whats that mean
  15. yellowryder99

    Huge Air!

    try hittin it back wards it would be cool u got a shevel u could make a little lip on the top part and then when u go backwards u would jump it down and land on the little anoying hill at the bottom