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  1. Morris-Man

    Valve Clearance

    The same thing happened to my '04 CRF450R. When my intake valves went out of spec, I reshimmed and they were out of spec again after 3 rides. Time for new intake valves. I put in the Kibblewhite stainless steel intake valves and springs. Never had a problem again. I have read that the Ferrero valves are even better than the Kibblewhite.
  2. Morris-Man

    Shim question

    Yes, they are interchangeable, but I believe the shims between the exhaust and the intake valves have a large enough difference that if you swapped them, neither one would be gapped correctly. The chance that switching your shims would give the right gap for your valves is virtually zero. You need to measure the gap, while at top dead center, and record how much they are out of spec. Then remove the existing shims and measure their thickness. Then you add or subtract the measurement you need to bring the gap to spec. This would give you the thickness of the new shims you need. You will need a micrometer to measure your shims. This tool is about $20. Shims are only about $5 to $10 each. If you ride your bike with valve gaps outside of spec you could do major damage to your engine. If the valve hits the top of the piston, the valve snaps and then the piston and cylinder get damaged and possibly even the crankshaft.
  3. Morris-Man

    5'2" 95 pound kid on a CRF450!!!!

    I have a 250F and a 450F. I weigh 195 lbs. If I weighed less I would not own a 450F. I would ride only the 250F because it is much faster than a 450F in corners. I don't know the science behind this reasoning but riding the 250F is like riding a bicycle after riding the 450F. My weight slows down the 250F too much, but the 450F has enough power to compensate for my poor eating habits.
  4. Morris-Man

    ASV Levers

    3 year warranty versus 5 year warranty.
  5. Morris-Man

    Pressure Springs?

    I have read that changing the pressure springs to 1.76 will soften up the initial harsness of the front forks on the '06 CRF450R. I called my bike shop to order these and they said they don't know what they are. I had assumed this was the spring inside the top of the forks. Can somebody let me know where this spring is and where I can buy the softer 1.76's? Are these hard to change?
  6. Morris-Man

    Bent Axle???

    Most times when I crash, the front end gets twisted. Lossen the front axle bolt, the 4 bolts clamping the front axle, the 8 bolts on the upper and lower triple claps. Then retighten. This fixes the most common problem. The second problem is that the rubber in the handlebar mounts gets twisted. Lossen the handlebar mount bolts underneath the upper triple clamp, give your handlebars a shake and retighten. This should also help. The third problem is that the bolt on the handlebar mounts bend very easy on the Honda. I have bent these many times. I usually end up just riding with crooked handlebars or you can replace this part. Some people know how to straighten these.
  7. Morris-Man

    tire seating right at change

    I wouldn't be comfortable putting WD40 on my tires. I use soap and water between the rim and the tire. I then inflate to 30 psi and the tire bead has always gone on.
  8. Morris-Man

    2006 Fork fluid amount

    I put in firmer springs, .049, and lowered the oil height as per the manual. This helped but not entirely. I have read that the small upper spring should be changed to 1.76 to help with the initial harshness. I also went to RG3 upper triple clamp and a Pro Taper bar. This also made a significant difference.
  9. Morris-Man

    How much grease on the front and rear axels?

    I fill it up with grease. When you put it back together, the excess will squeeze out. I do this to keep the dust, dirt and water from entering.
  10. Morris-Man

    Tranny fluid gone milky

    I have done some "wet" riding since my last oil change. I will go for a ride first and see if it is a one time deal before I take the bike apart. Thanks guys,
  11. Morris-Man

    Tranny fluid gone milky

    I changed my tranny and motor oils yesterday in my '06 CRF450R. The tranny oil was milky and pink. I use Belray 80 weight which is red. I did a search and found 2 threads saying my water pump seal is gone. Do I need to change just the water pump seal, or do I also need to change the water pump rod and/or the oil seal? Can I just lay the bike on it's side and remove the water pump cover? Or do I need to go in further?
  12. Morris-Man

    Canadian 06 250F recall

    I deal with Blackfoot Motorcycle in Calgary. They usually take very good care of me. I brought the recall letter to their service dept yesterday, Thursday. They said this was the first one they had seen. They took a copy of the letter, said they would order in the parts and when the parts come in, they would call me to bring in the bike for the work to be done.
  13. Morris-Man

    Quick question for the guys with 06s.

    I spoke with Pro Taper head office. They said stock Pro Tapers were close to Carmichael bend. They also said most people were going to the Pro Taper Contour Reed bend. I like them.
  14. Morris-Man


    I have ASV levers. They make the pull lighter. They have a much nicer feel on your fingers. You can adjust the lever to your finger length. I finally bent one of my ASV levers last month and I returned it to ASV and they mailed me a new one for free. My bike fell over on my concrete driveway and landed perfectly on the ASV lever.
  15. Morris-Man


    I find the stock chain wears out the sprockets faster. I use the DID520ERT2 gold chain and I get a year out of my chain and sprockets.