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  1. Can you use the speedo drive from a DRZ 400SM when you relace a 400 with 17 in wheels?
  2. BadBob72x

    SM ? - Why 17 " Wheels

    Sm Super Motard is 10% dirt and 90% road. You want to use a roadrace type tire because most of the track is road. I plan to use a Dunlop Qualifier. The little bit of tread will help in the dirt. It is a lot of fun. Bob
  3. BadBob72x

    DRZ 400S To Motard

    I am lacing a 4.25X17 rim on the back of my DRZ. Will a 160-70X17 Fit? I see the SM uses a 140. Bob
  4. BadBob72x

    DRZ Motard

    I am relacing my wheels to 17" Will a 3.50 X 17 fit on the front of a DRZ 400s? I'm also looking for a tuinable slip on. I ride the bike in Motard as well as dual sport. (2 sets of wheels) I would like a good pipe with some power and also quiet enough for the woods. The FMF Q looks good. Any comments?