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  1. Does anyone know of a high/low beam blub that will fit in the stock E head light housing.
  2. nujac

    Burned... Do I rejet a stock bike?

    Not re-jetting your carb. can get you hurt or killed. Most people I know had stall problems with their factor jetting. In the event that you are riding your bike on the road or trail and you need to get out of the way in a hurry a DRZ that is stock jetted can and will stall. If you are getting setup for a big jump or hill climb don't you really want a bike you can trust. Take the snorkel out and change the main and idle jet and you will be good to go. The DRZ is a super fun bike when it has proper jetting.
  3. nujac

    Dual Sport Conversion for DRZ400E in Texas.

    I titled my E without any problems for about $100 in parts. 1. Find an old donor bike to take parts off will same you money. 2. Cycle gear in San Antonio sold me a horn, turn signal, and high/low beam switch for about $45. 3. $3 flasher at Auto Zone for the turn signals. 4. $8 horn from Cycle gear. 5. Picked up 2 five pin trailer plugs from Magumin Trailers so I could quickly disconnect the head and tail light/blinkers for motocross use. $20. But you will not need it if you leave the lights on all of the time. 6. Old rusty rear view mirror, free. 7. 10amp circuit breaker $5 at auto zone. It is best to run a separate circuit from the battery for all of the added stuff. 8. Picked up a surplus head light at a bike shop for $20 dollars and dropped in on the floor and broke the head light lens. 9. Picked up a new head light for a 75 f250 truck at Auto Zone for $10 that would fit in the motorcycle head light fixture. 10. Wired the bike in about 4 hours and passed inspection the first time. 11. The county changed the title from off road only to a regular title. 12. Do not have to go to a bike shop for its first inspection. I just went to the same shop that inspects my cars and my other motorcycle.
  4. nujac

    Iron Butt

    My Friend and I both started riding drz400s about 8 months ago. We both noticed that the stock seat was designed as a torture device. I have been riding bikes for 30 years now and this is the worst seat I can remember ever seating on. But what is strange is that after 8 months of riding, the seat no longer seems to be a torture device. I believe mother nature has slowly changed my rear end to adjust to the stock seat. So I am glad I did not run out and spend my money on a new seat. And the money I was going to spend on the seat I am buying a much needed larger gas tank. My friend notice that he has also has gotten use to the stock seat. So the question is what percent of drz400 riders never change their seats and should new owners wait to see if they can develop an IRON BUTT.
  5. nujac

    Were is my motor oil going?

    I was waiting a day or two after the last ride to check the oil. Thanks for the tip of checking the oil right after the motor has been running. This is the first bike I have ever own with oil stored in the frame above the motor. (I was wondering before you pointed it out to me how all that oil could stay up in the frame. And now I understand that it will move down to the engine over time.) Thanks
  6. I have a 2002 drz400e with about 3000 miles on it. I have it made street legal and spend a lot of time on it dual sporting. I noticed that after I make a 200 mile ride with speeds averaging 45-55 I am having to add about a 1/4 of a quart of oil. The bike does not smoke or drip any oil. I can not see any oil dripping from the oil return tank or hoses. Is this normal. When I was just doing dirt riding I do not remember having to add any oil.
  7. nujac

    Need GPS Mount advice

    I use a Magilan Marine GPS that has the topo maps of the USA on it. I added velcro the very top of the seat by the gas tank. This is a great spot if you go down because it is not likely to get damaged. At first I was wondering if it would come loose running offroad but it is yet to be a problem. I do take it off if I going to be racing and jumping through the woods. I do not have it hooked up to the 12v source because it would be a hassle to take the power cord off and on. What is good about the Velcro is if you leave the bike for any reason you can just put the GPS in your pocket and not worry about it being stolen. I have made the drz400e street legal and do not run a speedometer I just us the GPS for knowing how fast I go. The state inspection station did not have any problems with the GPS being used for a speedometer. When I am dual sporting I leave the screen on map mode. The great thing about the GPS is knowing where you are going before you get there and how to get out when you are lost.
  8. nujac

    No brake light :(

    Look for a loose or missing ground to the tail light housing. Rubber mounted tail lights or any type of light mounted on something made of plastic must have a gound. The ground wire sticking out of the tail light housing will have a spade connector, bullet connector, or be solder to the light socket. The best way to trouble shoot is with a voltmeter to ground. Check voltage from your brake hot wire to the ground termal of your battery (-). If you have voltage this means you have an open ground to the tail light. If you do not have voltage this means you will need to check voltage to the load and line side of your brake switch.
  9. I have ran three tanks of gas over the past 2 months with hope that the carb would just start working on its own. It looks like it is time to take the carb apart again for another cleaning. At the same time I will change the jet size because of the factory lean problem I have been hearing about.
  10. I have a 2002 drz400e that I bought that was sitting for about 2 years. To get the bike to run I took the carb apart and gave it a good cleaning. The bike now starts fine in any kind of weather. The bike runs perfectly normal without any missing or backfiring if you never turn the throttle past 3/4 of a turn. The bike will wind out to max rpms just fine at below 3/4s but above 3/4s it is like some one hit the kill button. The motor will shut down completely and not start running again till you go back below 3/4s throttle. The carb has all OEM parts still installed and the bike looks like brand new. Thanks for your time.