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  1. have a 06 KLX 250. the headlamp isn't working....tried taking the headlamp out and checked the bulb...seems fine. So I assume its a fuse that is blown. where is it the fuse located? thanks
  2. So did you ever motard your KLX? I would like a motard, and just debating on whether its worth it to, and easy to go back and forth between the stock, and motard wheels. Still it would be a blast to rip it up with the crazy motard riders here in Vancouver, and still be able to take it dirtbiking on the weekends etc. heres another picture of the KLX d-tracker for your viewing pleasure! kind of looks like a KTM SM lol!
  3. maybe I will take some pictures of the carb, and someone can point it out for me?
  4. same thread as below didnt seem to get attention. I just bought it today for my my wife. runs good except for the idle. I looked at the Mikuni diagram for the carb, and it dosn't seem to match mine. There is no flathed screw on the right side of the carb. on any dirt bikes I had as a kid, the idle screw was always obvius...a big springloaded screw that stuck out from the carb. this carb dosn't seem to have one. I know I got a LOT to learn on these dirtbikes, but ya never learn without asking questions right?
  5. I should also mention mine is a 2003 DRZ 125...dont know if that makes a difference
  6. I still dont see the idle screw on my DRZ...I feel so stupid
  7. I feel you on the rain thing. I bought my KLX 250 S on Dec 23, and since then Vancouver BC Canada set a new record for both most consecutive days of rain, and has rained now for pretty much 34 out of 35 days now. I have had my bike out for the brief breaks from the rain and have almost 1000km on it now. What a awesome bike it is!I have done about half offroad, and half on, including the freeway, and its been a capable little bike all the while. I notice on this forum and on others that people are already goin to town sqeezing every ounce of power out of these things, and I am following thier advice as they go along. I however, wonder how doing all of these mods there doing will affect the reliability of these bikes, and if its just a sure fire way of having a bike thats in constant need of repairs. This is coming from someone who is not all that familiar at modding dirtbikes etc (at least not yet anyways). Thse bikes are also so rev happy with a 10500 red line The only thing I have done is install some of the offroad necessities like Acerbis bush guards, skid plate, Renthal bars, and a rad guard (which didnt fit so I am still looking for a replacement). There is finally a good break in the weather comin up in a couple of days so I cant wait to get out and really pound some dirt hard, and see with this bike is capable of
  8. Another KLX 250S thread I will follow closely
  9. Sorry it took a while to reply....I live in PoCo
  10. I am a new again to the sport rider here. Lookin for some places to ride, and some fellow riders to ride with. Cory
  11. wow lots of street/dirt riders on here.
  12. I guess I didn"t notice it...everyone who has giving me info on it says I should get one.
  13. I am gonna have to do a search here to find out what parts and accessories are recommended for this bike. The only absolute must I would thin is a skidplate, hopefully there not to pricey, and easy to find
  14. Ha haaa....naw I could never give up my true passion of Sportbikes. However, dirtbikes are how I got my start at motorcycling as a kid, and it feels good to be back! dirtbikes and streetbike give me 2 completely different feelings when I ride, there just so different and thats what I love. it also helps that having a dual purpose allows me to ride a motorcycle throught the winter, and the insurance is dirt cheap!
  15. ha haaaa no doubt. How are the temps out on the East Coast right now? Its been dippin down to -8 C at night. That is abnormaly cold for Vancouver Canada I guess I shouldnt complain to much...My biother is in Toronto where I believe it was close to -20