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  1. 500

    Very cool. Also, nice work rebuilding the beast. What kind of back tire is that? Its massive! I've been looking for a nice rear tire for my '90 CR500.
  2. Two year old thread!!!!
  3. I dont like the 2008 crf150Fs at all. Very weird looking.
  4. A pipe will not change top speed. It all depends on gearing. You could get an 85 to turn over 100 with the right gearing. A good guess would be around 65-70.
  5. I am not insulting your intelligence, but first check the choke. May sound stupid but it will do just what you described.
  6. No dude, there is no XR400 or XR250. There also is no "CRF400 or CRF250" trail bike. They have been replaced with the CRF450X and 250X. Which are much less reliable. That stated, there is no more XRs.
  7. paddle tire, flag, camelpack, LOTS OF WATER I would put a thin sock over the air filter. (girls stockings will work better). If you have a four stroke, especially a 250, bring enough oil for an oil change. Extra coolant would be smart, and since its getter hotter this time of year, i would recommend purchasing a pair of dickies shorts. You'll want them to be a bit big, so they go over your knees.
  8. Is that your 450 in the 9th and 10th picture? If so that thing is awesome! Track looks like a lot of fun too.
  9. 11 year old on an RM250 "soon". what a joke.
  10. He just told you, take a tear-off and put it between the fork seal and the fork, slide it out and repeat until it is clean.
  11. I suggest getting the R. I have an X and i wish i would have gotten the R. But now I am selling the X and the KX and buying a 450. The R can be a great trail bike, better than the X in most cases. It has more power, weighs noticeably less, and has better suspension for more aggressive riders. Get the R, you wont regret it.
  12. five year old thread guys.
  13. Very cool bike, love the number backgrounds. Im 5'7" and 135 pounds, 15 years old and ride both a kx250 and a cr500. I almost have enough saved up to buy my 450 though.
  14. After seeing that picture, i take my comment back. Your "desert races" dont look like desert races down here.
  15. I wouldnt lay back, too much dust after they take off. You'll want to get ahead of the dust, not start with it in your face:thumbsup: