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  1. My '97 came from my oldest friend, I gave him 2600 for the bike with 1900 miles on it. great ride, better than fair price considering what dualsport bikes go for in the people's republic of california. Enjoy! DR (replace the belt, old rubber regardless of use....)
  2. MY first and only bike for 5'10'' 180# is an ATK 605. button start,reliable,plated, and goes ANYWHERE.. maybe I dont know any better but this thing is so forgiving at speed and crawls up anything that I can't imagine anything else. My girlfriends xt225 is pretty easy to ride but doesn't have the thrill factor of all that POWER. Just my 2 cents worth, DR
  3. Hey Norm Matzen, What size on your ATK? I've got a '97 605 and I want a DOT rear for the beast. Thanks for your reply, David Reed
  4. great bike, I purchased my '97 a year ago. I have about the same riding experience as you do. Lots of power and reliable bike. Parts are availible thru american dirt bike in Norco, Ca. Ron Wood in costa mesa, Ca. and the factory in Utah. I would change timing belt (easy) right away just to be safe and be on your way. Good Luck, David Reed, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
  5. "97 605 dses, great first bike, plated for calif. looks great, runs great, seat is harder than anything I could imagine. New seat and teraflex in the near future. Anybody ride in ocotillo wells /anza borrego?.
  6. Other than law enforcement issues the only other problem I see is an insurance company not paying a claim due to "illegal or modified equipment". If you ride the pavement in the peoples republic of California you must have insurance. Any experiences to share? I'm going for the teraflex rear and can't make a decision regarding the front on my ATK 605. I want dot and best performance for 90% desert.
  7. '63 hot girlfriend '64 Cal 28' sailboat '65 sunbeam tiger 5.0L 5 speed '97 atk 605 the girlfriend is the fastest one.
  8. I am considering the dot rear tire for my 97 ATK605DS. Most riding is desert washes, rocks etc. Any input on fit in the swingarm or how it handles dirt or street? I am looking for stability in sand and baja tough. 10% street but I like to be on the right side of the law. Life's a reach, and then you gybe...
  9. would bigger tire improve sand performance? I need new rubber for my atk 605, anybody fitted one?
  10. I used to think the rails were hot too. I hassled girlfriends and ex wife for years about big butts. Now I have come to realize curves are waaaaay better! Rails are good to look at, curves are a way better ride. defsailor atk 605
  11. any input on dual sport boots that are ok for 1-2 mile hikes? I want prot ection and traction, Vibram sole? thanks, defsailor '97 ATK 605
  12. the whole thing sounds like an opportunity to show your kids how silly the dopers are and turn it into a positive lesson that there are many types of people out there and it s up to them to make good choices and do the right thing. Snitch? never. Ask them to stop? maybe, do you want to draw more attention to it? 1/2 the kids only do it for the attention they get from their peers. It will be legal soon when all those successful 50 somethings put the joint out and vote. Yeah right! '97 atk
  13. I'm new to my atk as well, having cold start problems with edelbrock carb, My first mods will be a stabilizer for sand and a seat for my sore butt. My first bike and my girlfriend got an xt 225 both Ca. plated means we can do Anza Borrego trails, Big Bear, ETC. Looking for replacment tank graphics.Great Bike!
  14. you will have to modify for tapered bars, I have a map 76, the big screen is cool for a glance. works for me.. defsailor
  15. I am having starting issues with my 97 atk es. What are recommended jet sizes and setup for this combo? It seems to be starved for fuel yet I can smell gas. Any ideas