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  1. Dieselhound

    What octane do you run

    If it sputters when you try to accelerate from idle on up, then it is too rich on the needle, and you need to raise the needle-clip a notch or two on the needle. that will drop the needle point down and lean it out. If it bogs without firing for a couple seconds on acceleration, then you are too lean, then you should do the opposite with the needle. The spark plug will also tell you some info. Grey/white is too lean, Tan is good, black is too rich.
  2. Dieselhound

    CR 125 UPDATE - street legal, pulls 65mph,

    Good Job. Back in 1975, I raced a 73 CR 125 until it was pretty worn out, then I put some lights from an XL 125 on it and a brake light switch and battery and got it street legal in California. I rode it around on the street and dirt for my entire senior year of high school. Eventually the transmission blew a few times and I retired the bike. Fun while it lasted. Mike
  3. Is your gas/premix old or stale from evaporation? It could have lost some octane. Try mixing in some leaded race gas with it to bump the octane back up.
  4. Dieselhound

    cr85 ran out of gas now won't start with gas

    It may be flooded which is the number 1 reason when a 2 stroke won't start. You can try pulling out the spark plug and kicking it a few times to try to dry it out, then hold the throttle wide open and kick it. If that don't work, then it is really badly flooded. You can take the spark plug out again and flip the bike completely upside down to let the gas drain out of the bottom end. kick the starter a couple times while it is upside down to drive the excess fuel out. tip the bike back rightside up and make sure that you have spark on that spark plug by plugging it into your wire and grounding the plug against the engine and kicking the kickstarter. Once you put the plug back in, it should start. This is what the guy with the cR 500 did in the thread titled "Won't fire".
  5. Dieselhound

    air screw

    the castor from the 927 may have mixed with the koltz and formed some gum that clogged up one of your jets. When you switch over from a caster oil to a mineral or synthetic, you have to make sure you totally drain the system or you will get gummy bears in your fuel.
  6. Dieselhound

    time for new friction plates?

    I hope that you aren't running motor oil with molydenum disulfide (friction modifiers found in normal car motor oil). That will cause clutch plates to slip and burn out like that. You should run motorcycle gearbox oil or a lot of guys are running motor oil for diesels, like chevron delo 400 or delvac. I have been running the delo 400 in my CR 250 with great results. Beats spending the ripoff prices for the specialty botique motorcycle oils. You can buy this diesel motor oil at Wally Mart.
  7. Dieselhound

    How long can premix sit?

    Premix or stored gasoline loses octane slowly over time, (worse if vented or hot conditions) . You can restore lost octane in month+ old pump gas by adding a half gallon of race gas for each gallon of month+ old pump gas. A week or two old is usually not a problem. For your month old gas, you can drain it and put into a car, or just add a half gallon of leaded race gas like VP C-12 to raise the octane back up. If the premix is over 3 months old, I would definately drain it and pour it into a car or truck.
  8. Dieselhound

    CR or RM?

    The post 02 Cr's seem to have loose nuts on the seats. (the riders) I own an 02 cr 250 and it rocks. Great handling and explosive power. I think that the complainers are trail plonkers who lug their bikes too much or can't hang on to 46 hp. I had to adapt to it and use precise throttle control, but it has great rewards. I previously had an 04 yz 450 and I like the CR a lot more.
  9. Dieselhound

    02 Cr250

    A few people have whined about weak low end on this model year due to the case reed motor and electric power valve, but I recently bought one, totally stock and jetted right. It runs excellent. I can go a gear high and torque up hills on knarly trails. People get fooled by the huge hit in the midrange and think that the low is weak, but it is just an illusion due to the massive torque rush in the upper mid. The low is there to pull you out if you want to ride like and keep the wheelspin down.
  10. Very well written. Better than many articles in the motorcycle mags. Only Super Hunky can write better. He uses a lot of metaphors. Like, "that chain was greasier than a 3 dollar pizza".
  11. Dieselhound

    Is there a way...

    If I were you, I wouldn't do any Frankenstein transplants on your bike. The end result would be a freakish monster with bolts sticking out of its neck and no re-sale value.
  12. Dieselhound

    chad reed's bad attitude....

    Personally, I think that it is harassment to ask famous people for their autographs. When I meet famous people, I just just treat them as another person and walk on by. When you get on your knee and beg for their autograph, it is so demeaning to you and so idolizing to the person. I have worked on some movie sets as a stunt man and if you ask for an autograph, you will get thrown off the set. It is lame to ask for autographs. Just don't do it. I can remember the head nods I get from famous persons just for NOT asking them for autographs.
  13. Dieselhound

    Repacking pipe

    Sounds like a good trick. I will give it a try. If that doesn't work, I will ask an Iraqi person to put one of their body bomb belts around it and then detonate it. If that don't work, at least I will have cleaned out my garage with the blast.
  14. Dieselhound

    Repacking pipe

    Great, looking forward to seeing them. Hope you have a PC Ti4 or similar.
  15. Dieselhound

    Repacking pipe

    Well, I drilled out all of the rivets and even with as much cussing as the tourettes guy, I didn't get it apart. I should just ride with it with no rivets, on the front or back and see if it will fall apart on its own. The front end of it seems to have silicon on the end cap. I have decided to stop working on the bike and just start drinking beer for the afternoon. Coors came out with a new lining for their cans, and it tastes pretty good now. They fixed that skunky problem that they had a while ago. To see the touretts guy, go to this link and click on videos. Real funny. http://www.tourettesguy.com/