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  1. Spudraicer

    JD or Burned, Please recommend

    I like to buy the JD jetting kit,have a 04 450 KTM exc. Last fall I installed a high performance piston, still run the stock needle and jets . Bike runs pretty good what would you recommend to make the most of my mod .
  2. Spudraicer

    Keihin carb jets

    Have changed the original piston out of my exc 450 [04] and put the KTM,s high compression piston in. Seems to run OK but should I change jet's/needle can I get some advise ?
  3. I had my 04 exc 450 come close to over heating but never really caused a big problem. I know that using good quality fuel can make a difference, higher octane fuel will give you a more controlled /timed burn producing more power and less heat. I also added tubular radiator guards and left original fins in place to maintain maximum air flow. Late fall I installed a high performance piston. I ordered it through the KTM hardequipment catalog. Only had one ride in, works great!!! Need some advice if additional engine tuning should be done.