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  1. everyone i know that does baja run a aux oil res and cooler. depending what part of the corse you are on. parts of the baja are straight up wide open on and off for miles. i have my oil changed when i come and pit. only oil not the filter. most of the time i can get more life out of it, but why take a chance. baja 1000 i have my oil change out 3 times, cant count how many air filters.
  2. Supercross

    the more i read post here in thumpertalk is set up for the people who ride bikes with kickstands and have a light. and have never been on a real track, and will always be slow and outside looking in. my days are long gone but i still respect the race and the rider.
  3. Supercross

    I always had problems watching wrecks video or pics. I try to learn from there mistakes and but it down on the tracks. crashing is never a joke, and will happen to anybody who rides dirt bikes. would you put a pic of your kid crash on the web?
  4. Supercross

    T.M is not a v twin 450 and can race at a ama event somebody just has to pay the ama 10,000 $ fee for aplications.
  5. Supercross

    most factory pros have throttle tubes are made so half throttle is full throttle
  6. Motocross

    stewarts have no problems with PC. james rode for PCm, he just pited out the team chevy kaw trailer because it was less people going in and out, and he got advice from ezra lusk. and was still dealing with being shy. mitch wasnt that happy but as long as his bike are in first place thats what all what matters
  7. Motocross

    look what mitch done for mike brown outdoors on a honda. points leader a few years ago, then went dnf dnf
  8. Colorado

    I think some of the older riders remember how it was in the early 2000s till around 2007. that place was packed and they real had two track lay outs and took care of both tracks. I cant stand to even go look at that place anymore. as soon as the the man with the beard (don) left aztec left with him. the Rc track has a better crowd.
  9. Supercross

    why is this such a big thing. let a man live his life. that why 90% or the people here on TT ride bikes with kickstands and light, fanny pack.
  10. Supercross

    anybody with a android or i phone can download this app to your phone, its pretty kool turns your screen into red and blue flasher, and in vech with dark windows it can pretty much look like a police flasher. this will end out of court with a plea. its will become a class 3 mis and a differd sentance.
  11. 4 strokes heat up quick, i have seen them overheat just warming up before the gate drops. next time touch it so you will learn
  12. its the seal the case seal its allowing oil to leak form the tranny side to the crank side. you need to change the seal it only takes one hour or less alot of 05 have this going on
  13. Supercross

    everybody on TT are either slow or washed up just like myself. lets all stop typing and go buy a 2 stroke and ride?
  14. Supercross

    sad to say those two brothers have done more than 99% than anybody in TT
  15. Motocross

    JT didnt even double it. sad when a pro can do a clean double time to hang it up. let some new blood in the sport.