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  1. I recently purchased a used stock 03 CRF450. It was really loud and I found out why. Drilled out the rivets on both end caps and took apart. Stock fiberglass has literally collapsed into a small heap a the bottom of the cannister. Dumped this wad into the garbage. Cleaned screen and stainless steel wrap with solvent (or acetone). Purchased spagetti type muffler packing (FMF, Moose etc) and created a blanket out of the stuff. Roll inner core on blanket until about 2-3 inches larger than diameter of cannister. Insert core back into cannister. I replaced exhaust end cap with ProMoto Billet with screen and silencer. HUGE difference. Now - this is still about 90-96 db. As long as you are not reving the thing all the time - it will be CONSIDERABLY quieter than anything else I have heard. You may experience a bit of backfiring from time to time upon reving when not in gear. Adjust fuel mix if needed. COST - about $150 total. Others may have tried other options. This has worked for me. DNR guy was happy too! Peter
  2. Hi, Just bought a used CRF450 about two months ago. Have started it several times while it was above freezing and did not notice any antifreeze overflow. Question - what can be expected via the puke tube when I bike is real cold. Currently I am running it once a week to keep things lubed etc. If I let it idle for a few minutes I see nothing. However if I rev it a bit while standing - the radiator overflows via puke tube. How much is normal? Still pretty new with this type of bike and not sure what to expect. How long before the thermostat opens on these bikes? Regards, PeterB