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  1. 2wls4ever

    2013 fork air pumps

    JohnB, I am a 155 pounds with riding gear and have experimented from 29psi to 35psi. I race 38+ Vet Exp and ride Norcal tracks only. Because the bottom out resistance is so nice on these forks, I have found the pressure range to be quite useful in tuning the bike to how I want it to corner on different tracks. For example on a faster outdoor track that has higher speed corners and straights I run the fork at 33 psi and the bike rides more biased toward the rear and stays stable. On a track like 408MX where there are several jumps that have short landings and dive into tight corners, I run the fork at 29psi and it helps the front end compress, steepen the head angle, settle, and rip around the tight inside lines better. But take note you might need to adjust your compression and rebound a few clicks to work with the different pressures.
  2. 2wls4ever

    2013 CRF 450 with FMF duals?

    I have the fmf duals full system on my 2013. I have one ride on them and 20 hours on stock. I would say they make the power curve more linear. They are crazy loud. I am not impressed with the quality compared to the Yosh I had on my 2010 CRF250. If it wasn't for the 2 pounds saving, I wouldn't get them over stock.
  3. 2wls4ever

    2013 honda crf450r front forks harsh

    This is incorrect information. We need more information about your setup, type of riding , weight, and level before giving feedback. 40 psi in the forks is most likely your issue unless you are over the bikes average rider weight.
  4. 2wls4ever

    2013 Fork Seal Leaking

    guys, keep in mind you lose a bit of air into the pump hose when it is threaded on. It will very depending on the pump you have. An easy test is to pump up the fork in the garage, remove the pump, and thread it on again and read the gauge. do it a few times.
  5. Hello, I am 5'8 150 pounds with gear and race Vet expert in Norcal. I purchased a 2013 a couple of weeks ago and have 3 rides on it. The track I have been on is a mix of sand/dirt, pretty smooth, high speed, big table top jumps with lots of low velocity g-out terrain (being sand). This is my first 450 and I came off a 2010 CRF250 and 07 CR250 two stroke at the same time. The motor is super linear with with very usable power. The bike is really quiet, to the point that I can hear the intake when cracking the throttle out of corners. I feel it could use a little more pull through on top. but that could be because I am use to a 250F. The suspension and steering damper are very sensitive to a few clicks on the fork/shock/steering damper make a big difference. For example, I noticed the rear feeling a bit soft and wallowy and it was corrected with 3-4 clicks of low speed compression added in. The I noticed this made the back ride a bit higher in the stroke and the front a little more nervous so I added a few clicks of addition steering damper damping and this stabilized the bike significantly. I feel it is great bike and the suspension can be tuned for a wide weight and range of riders.
  6. 2wls4ever

    2013 Honda crf450r DRC shock pump sucks

    Fox sells a digital mountain bike suspension pump that works perfect.
  7. 2wls4ever

    Fox podium rc3 shock

    Yes, I have ridden one on a YZF250, YZF450, and on a 2010 CRF250. Out of the box the shock provides excellent control and the adjustment range is much wider:thumbsup: than stock. The Spring preload adjuster is a really trick feature as well. The range of adjustment is so wide from the external adjusters that it is one of the first shocks I have ridden that you can adjust for woods riding and the motocross track. For me this is a much more valuable upgrade than a loud after-market pipe.
  8. 2wls4ever

    Fox Racing Shox RC3 report?

    The Bottom Out Control would be a great feature for off road woods riding where I would be able to set the suspension up on the softer side and still absorb the big hits. I hope to hear from someone who has bought and ridden one.
  9. I am really curious as to how the FOX RC3 shock performs? Does anyone have experience with the shock? The features and adjustments look amazing.
  10. 2wls4ever

    2007 YZ450F stopped running

    Over the weekend my 2007 YZ450F stopped running while idling on the starting line. It always starts first or second kick. I started it on the gate for my moto and it seemed to rev slower than normal (2 revs only and was warmed up) and went to let it idle and it stopped running like it ran out of fuel (idle went real slow and it died). I haven't dug into it yet. I checked the fuel line only and that was okay. Next will be spark. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I ride the bike one to two times a week and change oil every other practice session/race. Thanks in advance
  11. 2wls4ever

    07 YZ450 Rear Shock Is Junk?

    Before you do anything you need to note down your sag, weight and fork settings. Their is know way anyone in this forum can give you correct advice with so little information. After reviewing your settings and description of the issue, if your weight and sag are correct for the spring, you are most likely getting kicked because your rebound is to slow and your compression is to soft. you are basically packing the shock down an it is kicking you from the being bottomed out and the stored energy going into the tire, swingarm, rim, etc. This effect will be exaggerated if your forks are not well balanced to the rear. I bet if you went back to that exact spot of your complaint, went 5 clicks out on low speed compression, 1/2 turn out on high speed, and set you rebound at about 9-10 clicks out you problem would diminish. Good Luck!
  12. It would be interesting to know your riding level and what condition you are bottoming hard. Flat landing, how big of a jump and air time. If you are in the right weight range, I find it hard to believe you are pushing the limits of the suspension on the 06 YZF250. It might be that the forks just need rebuild. In new stock form, it's hard to make them work much better.