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  1. jkallday

    crf450 top end noise solved but not solved

    Good call dude. I pulled the slide and the upper pin was gone. The slide is hollow and thin-walled with an open bottom, and the pin is pressed (diecast) into a thru hole. Only one place for the pin to go if it works loose. Ouch! -jk
  2. jkallday

    Crankshaft interchangability

    I'm wondering if maybe the 04 12:1 piston weighs in a little differently from the 02/03 11:5:1 and consequently has a little bit more/less counterweight.
  3. My kid crashed my 02 450R and it locked up. He gave it a really good kick and it started, but was making a hell of a racket. I pulled the head, and there was a 3mm dia x 7mm (about 1/8" x 1/4") dowel pin (needle roller?)embedded in the cylinder head and a corresponding hole punched into the piston. The only thing I can think of is that it came from the carb someplace, but I did not see anything like it in the parts list. Anybody know if this came from the carb? Also, I'd like to put an 04 piston in but I see that the 04 crank is different from the 02-03 and I'm wondering if the 04 crank counterweight and 04 piston weight are different from the 02-03. FYI: I bought the bike used about 18 mos ago and put 50 hrs on it (+ what was on it when I bought it) with no major maintenance. Previous owner had put stainless valves in and the valve lash is still dead perfect. Piston skirt and cylinder walls were pretty scored; I probably could get away with using the old cylinder, but I am going to replace it. -jk