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  1. mhertz17

    tire pressure

    Put 17' Excel rims with Dunlop 208's on my DR650. What tire pressure are you guys running? I'm 200lbs and all commuter and twisties for miles. Appreciate your experience.
  2. mhertz17

    Is 35 old?

    35 seems like a kid. I will be 63 this July and own three bikes. Ducati Multistrada, Suzuki DR650 that I converted to SM, and an Aprilia scooter I bought after last years hand surgery. Still enjoy riding but not as fast as I once was. After a fall last year I have learned that they hurt more and recovery times are longer. So, for all you kids out there, enjoy while you can and it is possible to enjoy riding in your "senior" years.
  3. mhertz17

    tire pressure

    I just bought a used 2005 DR650 that has been motarded. The front has Dunlop 208 Sportmax 120/60 and the rear 160/60 on 17" rims. It will be street only. Anyone come up with a good tire pressure for this set-up?
  4. mhertz17

    My bike pics

    How do you like the Corbin seat on the DR650? Is it a big improvement?
  5. mhertz17

    need your experience

    Converting a DR650 to 100% street. Airbox, jet kit, exhaust done as well as 17" wheels and street tires. Any tips from experience on upgrading springs, fork brace, 14t sprocket or any other ideas? I am 6'4" and 220lbs and want a good, fun,reliable bike to play on. Any ideas welcome. Thanks.