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  1. medsgt

    New Renthals, now handguards won't fit

    I changed bars from stock to Moose aluminum 7/8" bars yesterday. I had to insert the bolt through the expanding part and thread it into the nut job at the end, then pound the expanding part down flatter with a hammer to make it fit. That was for Acerbis rally pro guards. Excuse the lack of proper nomenclature.
  2. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. You 'da Man!
  3. I've searched but can't find advice for my specific configuration. What would be the best setup for a DRZsm with Hotcams stage two in and out, full Yosh Ti exhaust, 3x3, and an FCR39 from an E model? Bike is ridden at sea level in heat and high humidity (Houston). Also, do you suggest an aftermarket air filter element? Thanks in advance for any advice, you are awesome.
  4. medsgt

    more edelbrock testing..........

    Would anyone like to buy a slightly used Edelbrock carb? LOL.....