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  1. I would like to register my bike , is it possible ?, what do I have to do to it? Any help would be great!
  2. How hard is it, or is it possible at all to get a street plate for the 400e?
  3. I was considering installing the rekluse clutch anyone have any input on how it improved things or didn't? 04 DRZ400E
  4. Congrats, what model did you get?
  5. I have a Ktm dealer close by , they took care of it...
  6. I have the Ktm fork covers and I also have a pair of shock sox at the bottom.
  7. Sorry about not having the pics yet there coming
  8. I bought my Drz a couple of months ago . I rode it twice and new it needed some mods. I searched all your previous threads about what steps to take. I did the moose jet kit , FMF powercore exhast, air box , scotts steering setup( triple clamp, pro taper fatties, stabilizer, grips, brush guards) Ktm fork covers, MSR 1" extended shifter, and carbon fiber skidplate. I just got the bike back last night and its will stand strait up and sounds pretty mean.I was shocked with the power increase its was like the bike was able to breathe .I cant wait for the weather to get warm again to hit the trails. Anyways just saying thanks to you guys for helping with the facts . It made things much easier.
  9. Happy New year to all!!!
  10. What kind of tank is that? Are the shrouds built into it?
  11. undefined Any good riding groups in the Cape Area? :