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  1. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    who would win?

    i'll run my 400ex against any dirt bike. and bring your money with you!!!
  2. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    stupid quad move...humor

    quads do run better when they are wet!!! lol ive been there! i named mine "christine"!!!! it just keeps goin, and goin, sold the xr 400 today too.
  3. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    does anyone ride brushy ridge anymore????

    will be there again this weekend, with another small group. will be on 2/4 wheels. i like them both.
  4. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    scam or not?

    i guess i dont even have to say it! just think how many did fall for it though.
  5. thatsgonnaleaveamark


    hi, im 44 , and ride a 300ex, im looking for a lady between the ages of 34-46.........OOPS....WRONG FORUM!!!!!!
  6. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Brushy ridge sat. 29th

    had a blast today!!! just a light drizzle, trails were great, and the creek was up!!! the track...well..you know how clay is when it gets wet...slick,and heavy! so mostly just ran the trails. 6 hours of fun, now im tired!lol
  7. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    AMA Pro card?

    that was me! and i was on a quad! anyone goin to brushy ridge this weekend???
  8. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Billingsly, AL Harescramble Helmetcam

    great vid! those hs are a blast to ride in, especially when you get to pass 2 at a time!
  9. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Girlfriend got quad - next questions

    rocky mountain atvmc has great nerf bars for 109."tusk" oversized and anodized 5 diff colors. and free shipping. they are great. pro armour makes a great swingarm skid plate too! dont forget new air filter, pipe, and carb jetting for maximum performance. and for breaking in....break it in like you are going to race it....you will get better ring seal, and more power, and also better performance. good choice in quads too, congradulations and good luck!
  10. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Brushy ridge sat. 29th

    got a small group going to astoria this saturday.anyone else planning on being at brushy ridge this weekend? finally got broken ankle in the riding boots, and it felt pretty good, so plan on taking xr400, and 300ex. black toyota 4x4, parked on bottom. hope to see some of you there!
  11. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    WTF is this??

    that was ignorant...ANYTIME!
  12. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Motoland pics 4-23-06

    great pics! do they let old, slow guys ride there too? lol
  13. thatsgonnaleaveamark


    look up "gordon mods" you will be happy.
  14. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Wow Nuts On a 65

    why is there a flat spot on the front tire on the bottom??? doesnt look like the take off ramp angle matches trajectory angle either... and to clear 105 feet at the angle he is...you would have to be running 82.6 mph??? hmmmmmm you decide.
  15. thatsgonnaleaveamark

    Help with a 300ex

    to put into reverse: have quad in neutral....push down red button on the clutch lever and pull in clutch...reach over with other hand and pull up reverse arm on side of quad....slowly let out clutch and you are in reverse. to go out of reverse...just pull in clutch normally, and reach over and push reverse arm down....when you let out on the clutch you will be in neutral again. good luck, be safe and enjoy your 300ex they are a blast!