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  1. As I posted here earlier today, I got my KLR 650 yesterday. At 57 miles on the odometer, I took a minor spill. I was on a soft dirt road w/grass over-grown on the path. As I entered a rut, I went into some slick mud that caused my tires to slip as though they were on ice. Right out from under me the bike went onto it's left side. No injuries (except my pride). The only mechanical problem seems to be a cracked hand guard. I'll have to replace it. How many miles did you go before your inexperience caught up with you????? KRUZ N
  2. KRUZ N

    KLR 650 Tire Question

    I have a whopping 7 miles on my KLR 650. If I ride 50 street/50trail, how long should these tires last? When I switch, what is the best tire for 10 street/90 trail? What brand? Where to purchase? Thanks, KRUZ N
  3. Hello everyone! As of yesterday I became a "dual sporter" with the purchase of a new 2006 KLR 650. I look forward to interacting and learning from the gang here on ThumperTalk. KRUZ N