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  1. 7th, after that, nice job DonO. Glad to see everybody was OK I think. They did cart that guy off. Hope he is well. Never raced an HS but man I'm itch'n!
  2. You can roll start an 01 without autodecomp? i'm . Give it a couple twists of gas. the bike may be lean. Starting drills vary for this bike. Is he finding TDC? Just don't know! Good Luck!
  3. One of the best palces I've ridden. Unfortunately, dont get up there enough!
  4. Nice to hear Garrett. Man by the way, sweet smoker, that is 450f power rite? Will be lighter but I bet alot stronger! Be careful dude!
  5. thoght Rocky Mountain had'um but did'nt see any in the catalog
  6. DW, 8 time champ, we knew you would'nt be down long. Wishing you and a speedy recovery man! Thanks for all the past and future advice!
  7. The TT store carries the same plate marketed by Utah Sport Cycle and Devol. It's a good unit and you would be supporting this site!
  8. Check on K-B-M befor you go. Never been there but have heard mix reviews. As far as the 250f, 03 and newer. The 01/02 is a hoss with the manual decomp. I recently replaced my exhaust cam with an auto/decomp and man what a difference. I don't think you are going to get a newer model with the AE frame for what you want to spend. Look in the trader and you should be able to negotiate an 04 for around 3500.00 Good luck!
  9. Still trying to make this ride guys. I'll know by Fri. CAW is only open at this point on the w/e's. IMO I think the neutral point in distance between CLT and Ashville is BMMP. hr from ash./ hr 1/2 from clt.
  10. man, do ya feel old? That was the chit back in the day. I still rock the old school Metallica!
  11. Hey man, not to try to be an ass or anything but ther is a sticky on this at the top of this forum. If and when Sunruh reads this post, he will rip ya one.
  12. My method and this kid deserves some gas!
  13. Dave, Is the Mamoth Hill the section of 4 thet turns to black diamond for that climb? We blazed up that section and was one of my favorites. (12)breaks off at that point as well that is black. Looks like alot of switchbacks on that section.