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  1. rckfisher

    Bought a lemon. Now what? Thinking of parting out my 07

    I gotta know what seat you have. If I rode mine "non-stop" my ass would never forgive me
  2. rckfisher

    New to TT Forums

    Welcome and thanks for protecting our freedom:banana: Now go blast one of them mountain yaks and skin it for a custom seat cover. I hear thier better than sheepskin!
  3. rckfisher

    Fuel Starvation or Intermittent Spark?

    Had the fuel tank previously been left in the prime position???? If so, check oil for possible fuel contamination.
  4. rckfisher

    DRZ125 Idle Problems

    +1 on the clogged pilot jet.......just replace it, thier cheap.
  5. rckfisher

    Bought a lemon. Now what? Thinking of parting out my 07

    Yep.......Lemon for sure.....outta warranty I suppose??? I wonder...... with Eddies contacts at Suzuki if they would be willing to step up to the plate and cover his labor cost and shipping???? Goodwill warranty gesture. Time for a SSW Big Bore:smirk: Great thread BTW!
  6. rckfisher

    DRZ on regular gas?

    87 here too. Stock motor and never had any fuel related problems.
  7. rckfisher

    Removing stock carb

    How close to Denver are you?
  8. rckfisher

    who met my brother at "bishops castle"?

    Who is this masked man?????
  9. rckfisher

    I moved, Much better riding here!

    Any single sister-in-laws.....about fortyfivish?
  10. rckfisher

    1st Speeding ticket in 20yrs

    It took a little over a year but yes. The perp FTA'd his initial court appearance ( I lost a days pay) then apparently caught another charge in the concrete jungle. He was then detained on his FTA warrant, trial was rescheduled and held (I lose another days pay). He recieved a suspended sentence with terms of probation, was ordered to pay $1200 restitution and was released:banghead: to continue on his crime spree to feed his drug addiction! GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT I LOVE, STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER THROUGH THE NIGHT WITH A LIGHT FROM ABOVE.........ALL TOGETHER NOW......FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE PRAIRIE, TO THE OCEANS WHITE WITH FOAM. GOD BLESS AMERICA MY HOME SWEET HOME. GOD BLESS AMERICA MY HOME SWEET HOME. Hey Texagator, thats a nice write-up! I apologize for using the word "Gestapo" and getting your panties all wadded up:lol: You ever get a chance to make it to the "right coast" we should talk over coffee and.......well I better not go there, at Little Georges:busted:
  11. rckfisher

    1st Speeding ticket in 20yrs

    So was the sausage, egg and cheese:thumbsup: Glad I had'nt gotten into that double shot yet:smirk: Wow, Texagator was correct. Lotta anger out there for the LEO's. I was hoping to just get a few laughs. Someone had mentioned something about being the "fisrt to call police if something had been stolen" or something to that effect. My daughters Titled in Maryland DRZ110 was stolen from a locked shed on the farm awhile back. I did call the police and from that experience, learned it was a waste of time. The only person to do any investigating was me! Maybe I watch to much CSI, but the nail in the thief's coffin were footprints he had left behind on the clay floor. I had an idea who had stolen it and told um that when they were here. Also showed them the footprints. Even told them where he was living. They did nothing. No fingerprints, No pictures, No shakedown, nothing. The next day I go into the city where the dude lives. He was'nt home, so I ask his roomie if I can look at his (the thief's) shoe collection. Sure enough, there is a pair of Nikes with Carrroll County Clay still caked in the tread. Kinda hard to just pick that up walkin round in the Concrete Jungle. Long story short, I had to physically turn him over to the Gestapo. Wherein he admitted stealing the bike. Still have'nt received a red cent of the $1200 he was ordered to pay in restitution. Probably never will either:banghead:
  12. rckfisher

    not safe for deer

    The simple, although not very cost effective solution is to........mount two hellfire missles right and left and replace your left and right side panels with claymore mines! You can recoup most of cost by selling Deer jerky and Venison hot dogs!
  13. rckfisher

    1st Speeding ticket in 20yrs

    And in my 28years of driving that was normally the case. I would get pulled over for a minor infraction, everything would check out and I'd be on my way. Now I'm just speculating.......The coffers are running really low in Maryland, there is this big push for more speed cameras. I don't fault law enforcement my finger is pointed at the government in thier never ending quest to part me from my gold bullion. While riding the DRZ the last three weeks I've seen more speed traps than any other time in my 45years. Something's up! I'm sure it's not the barracks commander just waking up in the morning with a chub for speeders. He's another puppet having his strings pulled.
  14. rckfisher

    1st Speeding ticket in 20yrs

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you:ride:
  15. rckfisher

    1st Speeding ticket in 20yrs

    Fortunately he has a sense of humor. Some don't I suppose:moon: