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  1. I owned a 98 FC 501 and after getting all the bugs straightened out, that bike turned out to be one of my all time favorites. My wife remember that investment too!!!! I havent ruled out a production bike (Husa-Husq). Might be worth not getting a headache at build time! jeff
  2. Hey Colin, I had an opportunity to watch you guys last year at Norway, on my way home from BR Ottawa, really cool place. I have just departed from the whole MX thing, and have decided to get involved in SM. I have a couple of bikes, and instead of selling my 450 (YZF) I figure I would start my build. I spoke to Martin a few months back, and would like to go the way of the Husaberg, but I already have alot of Yamaha stuff, so I decided to stay with them. Plus my wife cannot tell if I purchased something new haha. I live about 30 min from that track, so it is pretty convenient. Jeff
  3. Hey Matt, Just reading over your post. Do you know if the sand track is under water, I am considering Sat 4/28. The sand is pretty much my limits out there. Jeff
  4. [i could't wear button flys for a long time though......haha Button flys are so passe, I think they went out with nylon parachute pants. hahaha (coming from a guy with absolutely no sense of style)
  5. well see, you have very good friends, because when my friend said "I have to go to the bathroom", I replied "hope your wife loves you, cause I only like you"!! Then I ran out of there and left him to fend for himself (just kidding). We work together and I think he was off for like 4 months. He still has 'post dramatic ride syndrom' my word for relunctancy to ride again. 1 steel plate and 4 screws to hold it in. But on another note I did both of my knees (ACL's) 4 years earlier, so we are both gimps haha. Jeff
  6. .....took a guy to the emergency room last year, after a nasty 'loop out' over a double at our local track, he definitely had 1 broken arm as it looked like a crooked limb, when he complained that his other arm felt sore too, the Dr. suggested another xray as long as he was there, wouldnt you know it, 2 broken arms. The nurse came up to me later and said "I hope his wife loves him", as I didnt quite know what she meant until I thought it through, and then I figured it out when he came out of triage with two casts on his arms and said "geeze, I sure gotta go to the bathroom"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. cool! Make sure you keep an eye on the 'o' ring when you install, and tune the screw around 1800 rpm, warm engine. Whats up with your avatar, looks like you got hit by a train!!!
  8. Hey Tam, Yes it will as they are carb specific and not bike model specific. (Keihin carb).
  9. I agree Bash. Keep an eye on this thread. Looks like alot of interest. Maybe we all can set something up. Jeff
  10. Thanks man, maybe I know you, your screen name sounds familiar. Do you run a #40 on your bike, a RMZ perhaps? Do you ride near JAX Fl. (Palm Coast and Boswick).. I think I saw you keeping pace with Dungey from Suzuki, at Palm coast near St. Augustine?? Jeff
  11. By the way, one of the guys I ride with, use to race at Leisure, says it a great place.
  12. Yes, count me in. I need to pay a little more attention to the way I word threads as your idea is more of what I was considering. Just a group meeting /fellowship/riding/crashing(haha). Or if an organized event such as a GNCC is unattainable, how about a 'track day rental', locally? We can organize our own ride. What say you? Jeff
  13. Ya.....I don't get it?? Maybe the water would work in the radiator though.
  14. Thanks Jerry, if you get over this way, do the same. Jeff
  15. Thanks I definitely will, weather looks like it is starting to break, so hopefully soon. Jeff