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  1. i have a 2000 ktm 200 mxc and i need to pull of the fly wheel to get to the stator but the fly wheel wont come of, i took the bolt off but it still wont budge, can some one give me a tip-thanks
  2. yes but i want them cheper i dont have much money
  3. any one selling stuff for a 04 yz250F like tires, grips, parts like that i need a new rare tire 19 inch, i will pay for shipping
  4. sorry typed it in the wong form
  5. wont be a big diference with the 276 go with the 290,its much beter
  6. get a after market exuast or get a yz 250F exhuast and take out the air intake top
  7. MAXXIS there banging tires
  8. oh i would get news ones after when i want to sell it insted of replace it ever single ride
  9. nice never heard of that bike
  10. suposed to run it for 2 minutes or suttn then check it
  11. stick with the twist
  12. use motor oil 10-30 its the best for the chain
  13. i cant hellp it im in sped hahaha i love myself