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  1. nick bottino

    ktm stator problem

    i have a 2000 ktm 200 mxc and i need to pull of the fly wheel to get to the stator but the fly wheel wont come of, i took the bolt off but it still wont budge, can some one give me a tip-thanks
  2. nick bottino

    stuff for yz 250f

    yes but i want them cheper i dont have much money
  3. nick bottino

    stuff for yz 250f

    any one selling stuff for a 04 yz250F like tires, grips, parts like that i need a new rare tire 19 inch, i will pay for shipping
  4. nick bottino

    any one have an exuast for sale

    sorry typed it in the wong form
  5. nick bottino

    big bore

    wont be a big diference with the 276 go with the 290,its much beter
  6. nick bottino

    what have you done to your 06 wr250f's (performance)

    get a after market exuast or get a yz 250F exhuast and take out the air intake top
  7. nick bottino

    new tires

    MAXXIS there banging tires
  8. nick bottino

    06 LE Graphics

    oh i would get news ones after when i want to sell it insted of replace it ever single ride
  9. nick bottino

    Will my 2002 TZ250F parts fit my 2006?

    nice never heard of that bike
  10. nick bottino

    oil change

    suposed to run it for 2 minutes or suttn then check it
  11. nick bottino

    Thumb throttle on a dirt bike

    stick with the twist
  12. nick bottino

    Chain rust?

    use motor oil 10-30 its the best for the chain
  13. nick bottino

    I have a problem and i Need Help

    i cant hellp it im in sped hahaha i love myself