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  1. RGR , Thanks one2go. I just might try those settings. And I did do the throttle box and air mods. Just was a little sleepy when I posted!
  2. I cut gray wire, Boyesen quickshot, Powernow, Powercore FMF Muffler, Powerbomb header. I ride between 0 and 1000. In California weather. Average 70 degrees. What should I change my Leak, Pilot, and Main Jets to??? And needle clip position is in the middle right now.Anyone with similar setup have helpful suggestions? Thanks
  3. Marin

    What pipe ?

    Why do u recommend the Q2? Just curious, im going with FMF But not sure.
  4. Bike has a low end bog. Sounds like a commen thing with this bike. Modifications: Removed air snorkel removed exhaust insert gray wire mod throttle stopper mod Boyesen quickshot fuel mixture screw air filter screen I ride at about 2000-3000 feet. WHat Jets do I need 2 replace? And what sizes. Any input would be great. This is my second post about this issue. No responses yet. Thanks alot!
  5. I did the following mods! Gray wire Air snorkel removed exhaust insert Boysen quickshot MSR Fuel mixture screw Cut throttle stop screw Removed air filter screen Can someone with similar mods tell me what jets I need to purchase. I ride in Gorman California, which is about 2000 ft. above sea level. Or point me in the right direction please.