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  1. Heres my 02. Its stock except for the graphics.
  2. Conorride

    Just for you 500 fans.

    Riding that would probably be about the scariest expierience of my life. But other than that HOLY $**T THAT THING IS SICK!!!!
  3. Conorride

    Is a KDX200 jumpable.

    How did he have the suspension set up on it?
  4. Conorride

    Is a KDX200 jumpable.

    I have a 91KDX200 and was wondering if its really jump worthy? I've heard mixed things about jumping enduro bikes, i've heard from it'll do fine till about a 20 footer to the wheels will blow off. Is it safe or not to jump one? If it is how can i make it more jump worthy?
  5. Conorride

    The most obscure KDX question yet...

    The same thing happened to me. Just go to your local moto shop and have them order you one. I forget how much it was but it wasn't that expensive.
  6. Conorride

    Two-stroke love and a question...

    KDX200=the perfect trail bike. It can be modded, and has a very smooth almost 4stroke like powerband.
  7. Conorride

    Tame The Beast

    I'd say get a KDX200, they are amazingly reliable bikes and are very smooth with the power. I came off a yamaha RT100 and then decided to get an old IT200 running and just started slow with it and rode it. So get the KDX take it slow and learn the powerband before you really start trying to pinn it. Have fun with it man!
  8. Hey i'm looking to do an enduro or a hairscramble, i'm from around Burlington VT. Does anyone know if any of these are happening around me? Any group ride info would be appreciated too.
  9. Conorride

    johnson vt??

    theres a place in milton thats a really good time, PM me and we'll ride.
  10. Conorride

    clutch replacement

    i'll have to get one of those on order, thanks for the imput.
  11. Conorride

    clutch replacement

    So my clutch on my 50 is really worn, i have a 2000 XR50. Whats a good clutch that is a reasonable price that will hold up well?
  12. Conorride

    kdx220 or crf230

    As always if the issue of height is really a large problem you could go with a 125. But still the KDX is one of the most reliable bikes out there.
  13. Conorride

    kdx220 or crf230

    KDX220 for sure, i love my KDX200. The CRF will get sooooo boring soooo fast. The key words for a bike like a crf are NO BALLS. And the KDX has lots of nut even stock. Have fun bro.