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  1. Bob Obner

    West Palm Beach Florida

    Im in west palm for 8weeks in the winter, be bake down feb.11 till feb 28 . i will be riding at sem & indian town alot.ihere that moroso i in the works for MX & another in port st. lu
  2. Bob Obner

    Sub frame moving ?

    A friend & I have 450s with about 5rides on them [hard rides]. I have noticed that the sub frames are moving down & left. I have been checking sag allot & every time i have to change the 0 reference , like the frame or plastics are moving down,almost 10 mm.If you view both bikes from the back the fender looks pushed off to the left, like if you feel hard on the pipe side. anyone have this problem
  3. Bob Obner

    Seminole Motocross Track 1/08/06

    yeah man. look for a lexus suv nj plates towing a white inclosed trailer with pa plates or my buds ford f 350 4dr. white nj plates.
  4. Bob Obner

    Seminole Motocross Track 1/08/06

    1/7/06 for me .Comin down from N.J.with 2 friends .My bike is a 05 crf 450 no # wife is 250 crf # 74 friends are 06 rm250 #467 & 06 yzf 450 blue one #? Looking to ride at a track in indian town 1/8/06 maybe.