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  1. Anytime.
  2. This one?
  3. This one??
  4. Hope those work. Anyways, just a couple I had on my computer. I have some more.....somewhere
  5. Well, we have alittle bit in common buddy haha. I'm reppin' 357. A buddy of mine runs 351 and he was down and out for a while so I was holdin' it down for him. I used to rep 57, so just added the 3 when I found out he couldn't ride.
  6. Alittle competition for DV
  7. You pretty much learn that when it says "turn your volume up" it's gotta be a trick.
  8. Thought I would share a couple of Ricky Carmichael that I made. All the others look gnarly too! good job on them
  9. Gnarly pics, looks like alot of fun. Thanks for the post.
  10. Yeah, you're right.. the black swingarm does look like sh*t.
  11. looks really good. Do the forks and swingarm black. Bet that would look pretty gnarly too. One I did....
  12. See you out there!
  13. I guess it basically all depends on how bad the driver beats it haha. I'm not gunna be using it for towing or anything. Just hauling bikes and maybe a town driving vehicle. Anyone have a picture of the new Yota?
  14. I've been hearing alot of good reviews of the new Yota's. I may have to just wait. I'm in no hurry anyways. It's just a pain in the ass to load bikes in a truck that's lifted 17'' haha. Thanks alot guys.
  15. Wow thanks alot! Definently the info I needed. Sounds like an amazing truck. Thanks again!