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  1. Yes, that's a good point. And thanks for the EXCELLENT install tips and photos!
  2. Is there any simple way to defeat the low fuel light so it doesn't come on at all?
  3. Yeah, I wondering about that exact same thing. Also, looks like the tank bag's rear strap might be more of a challenge to attach with the Safari. I'm sure it can be done somehow, though. Or maybe tank panniers instead and just a map pocket attached to the handlebars?
  4. Yes, thank you for the EXCELLENT and flat out professional info and photos! Regarding the potential issue with low fuel in the "pool" / rough riding with low amounts in the tank: I don't think I understand. Is it that the stock tank does not use a "pool" around the pump or that the pump's position in the stock tank is lower? And so is your concern mostly that: 1-there might be interruption of fuel delivery, 2-that the pump might be damaged or wear out prematurely if it draws in air very often or, 3- if the pump is lubricated by fuel, that it might overheat? Any one or more of those three seems like a valid concern to me! About the capacity: I just ordered the tank a couple of days ago. Can't decide whether to cancel and go with some other solution because I am irritated that the tank was first advertised (by Aqualine, I think) as a 4 gal tank, then 3.67 (was it?) now 3.5, and you say even a little less than that. Meanwhile, the price has gone up 40 or 50 smackers.
  5. upthendown

    08 DR 650 prices

    Thanks again, to everyone, for your help. I did end up bringing home a used DR, which I bought from another Thumpertalk reader who has a new Husky TE-250 to blast around on. I would have bought a new bike (before I saw the 06 model I bought), but honestly, listening to the salesmen tell me about how Suzuki has cut production and they won't be able to get more DR650s this year, and generally making me feel like a mangy dog when I ask them to do better on the price is just very irritating. If they'd say, "Hey, OK, I'll make you this great deal on the sale if you'll promise to come back and buy lots of parts and service here!" I'd shake their hand and be one stark-raving loyal customer after that! But that's not how it works - for me, anyway. Youse who posted the great prices above must either have better negotiating skills or brother-in-laws who work in Suzy shops! So, instead, I enjoyed a very pleasant transaction with a fellow thumper-ite and straight-up guy (actually, his very nice wife handled the final sale for him). Here's what I bought for $4300 (before paying the state tax/license fees of course) - a fair deal, I think. At any rate, the bike is well set-up, which saved me a bunch of time and a good amount of change: 2006 DR 650, excellent condition with 1775 miles on the odo. Mods installed: FMFQ2 pipe Moose jet kit Longhorn 1 1/8 inch diameter handlebars / bar mounts Zeta hand guards Heavy duty skid plate (not sure which brand) DRZ250 tail light conversion Smaller less vulnerable turn signals Lexan headlight protector New heavier fork springs with longer spacer & rear shock re-valved & oil changed ( all done by NJ suspension tuner KPS) New 14 / 47 sprockets New 520 chain New Kenda TrakMaster knobbies front and rear / heavy duty tubes Rim locks installed front and rear Kickstand shutoff switch removed - just a bit of labor saved! I'm going to put on some DirtBagz, a Safari Tank, a GPS, and I'll see you later!
  6. upthendown

    08 DR 650 prices

    Thank you very much, everyone, for the helpful replies! I'll let you know how it shakes out for me. After I posted my query, while googling various DR farkles, I came across a used DR very nicely set-up. Looks like I'm going to buy it today. If that doesn't work out, I'll be studying your replies even more carefully, and maybe making a trip to State College or MA! Thanks again.
  7. upthendown

    08 DR 650 prices

    Howdy folks, Since I can't seem to find a really clean used one right now, I'm looking at new DR 650s. I've read the threads called “2007 or 2008 DR?” and "Brand New DR650!" In those threads several people have talked about buying 08 DRs for around $4800 + tax/license = OTD. Here in eastern PA, the best quote I've been able to get so far is $5200 + tax/license, so out the door works out to around $5630. It's the old, "well we have to charge for freight/handling/set up" thing, and now also several dealers complain that Suzuki has cut their deliveries for the year, etc. I'd like to hear from some other people about what they've paid, or from those who've managed great deals, how you did dat? Thanks in advance!