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  1. I don't race my 426, but I ride it hard. I'm 38 years old and weigh close to 250 pounds. My YZ has handled everything I could throw at it and laughed it off. It always starts. It always is a blast to ride. It's NEVER let me down. Until someone can guarantee me that kind of reliability, I'm sticking with the old girl. If the extra weight becomes an issue, I'll lay off the cheesburgers for a while.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies, it comes apart this weekend.
  3. Anyone know first hand if an x-ring chain will fit on a 2000 YZ426f ? I've been told it won't due to case clearance behind the front sprocket. The x-rings seem to add only a fraction of width to the chain, but I would like to know before I take it apart so if it doesn't, I can return the one I got and get a regular works chain. Thanks, Brian.
  4. My first real bike, with gears and suspension, was a Honda MR50 Elsinore. I've long since forgotten what year the bike was, but I remember riding it like it was yesterday. I'm 37 now, so that was 24 years ago when I was 13. To all you younger riders, it goes fast so enjoy it while you can.