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  1. Can anyone please help, i need help asap.
  2. I just rejetted my ttr125 with new jets today, i started it up and it runs fine, but when i turn the fuel on fuel comes out of the overflow tube. I was told to ask burned, can you please help?
  3. the float bowl seems to look level, what should i do?
  4. how do i know if it is bent too far, what do i do to bend it back in?
  5. We just rejeted it today, it runs perfect but leaks fuel while the fuel is on out of the overflow tube. We have not adjusted the needle at all since we rejeted the carb.
  6. leaking while the bike is running.
  7. I have gone through the jetting 101 thread and through the jetting and intake mod etc and have not seen anything about this. I printed out the jetting with pictures step by step and followed all the directions correctly. The bike runs MUCH better than before with new jets, idles perfectly, runs perfectly, but fuel is leaking from the overflow tube (the one that leaks when the bike is on its side) I dont understand why that is. TTR125 with 110 and 17.5 jets, UNI intake and intake box mod. please help! thank you.