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  1. I rebuilt the top end on my RM and since then when I have tried to ride it starts fine and runs fine for a little while then when it gets warm it will rev to the moon. if we let it sit same things any idea what could cause this I have looked for air leak cant find one. Though might be reeds they dont looked cracked. They do have a little loose small gap on one side. Any Ideas or suggestions of where to start.
  2. rhino roof

    Ocotillo Wells Thanksgiving...

    See ya out there James. Happy B day dude. Your alot older now sure you can still ride. We will be out probably lat eon Wed. night. Save me some room.
  3. rhino roof

    Bee Canyon.

    Wish I didnt have to work I would have loved to go with u guys. We are going to have to get out this weekend for sure. Sound like you had alot of company though of the wrong Kind. Good thing we are all leagal though. I need to ride.
  4. rhino roof

    Saturday's ride

    Ya man that was one fun ride goin back out there soon to explore more for sure. Ive had some much other stuff going on in my life i really havent had a whole weekend or even Sat to get out and ride. Thanks James and Chris that was a great work out. Next time we wil have to go earlier and explore some more. I think it time to look at those valves the beast is hard to bring to life.
  5. rhino roof

    Pr1mals Trip To SOCAL

    Looks like you guys had fun dirt looks perfect.
  6. rhino roof

    X tank on an R

    Im pretty sure it will. I think you might have to use the plastic bracket off the CRF.
  7. rhino roof

    RIDERS 4th Anniversary: Ocotillo: Dec 26-31 '09

    Was out in OW today for the day rode about 50 miles lots of wash and technical mud hill sections pretty much circled the whole area from s22 to otherside of the road mudhills west of the Blue in and back to Pole line. To hang at the camp with The White Stallion and Tim O YZ. Great ride just my son and I.(didnt mean to Jack your tread) sorry.
  8. rhino roof

    Nate Adams SX

    I saw where he has been training with Ryan Hughes in Anza training for supercross this year.
  9. rhino roof

    RV and CR testing

    Watched Chad on practice Track today no RV in sight. He looked pretty fast on the green bike.
  10. rhino roof

    2nd annual TT T-day/week

    Looks like. Im not going to make it this year. Going to Sons for Tg with his in laws. Then probably leave for Desert after hopfully that night.To far from my house for a couple Days so ill be heading to JV or Ocotillo. Glad you guys are and had fun have a great T day Rick ans all at Spangler.
  11. rhino roof

    2nd annual TT T-day/week

    I think weathergeek and white stallion are getting there the Sun before T day and people will be showing up all week. last year I think there was maybe 40 trailers or so give or take.
  12. rhino roof


    I think that is it its the first gas station coming from yucca on west side of 247.
  13. rhino roof

    Ocotillo Wells for Halloween

    Now thats funny.Camped around guys like you before no thanks. To each his own tho.
  14. rhino roof

    Ocotillo Wells for Halloween

    Steve you and your family would be welcome to camp with us when we go to OW next time white stallion and his family and my family have been camping and riding together for some years now. We have lost alot of other families we used to camp with and would welcome a new family. We probably wont be in OW till Christmas but Thanks giving we are going to the 2nd anual TT Thanksgiving at Spangler.