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  1. I am running 100mm of sage and 14psi in the tire. I am using a Maxxis IT tire , which I have been puting on all my bikes for a few years and really like them. Also I had the suspension done for my weight , height and riding style and that really helped the bike handle well, but that front end just wants to slide and slam me down. Also I have the forks clamped all the way at the top. (This is how the bike came from the dealer, I just put a mark on the tube's an return them to that spot.) I will try to raise them in the tripple clamp about 5mm and see what happen. Anything else I should try before buying new triple clamps? .
  2. Keep us posted on how you like the setup with the 20mm. That is the same setup I am looking at, just can't deside 20mm or 22mm. Did you get the dampner along with it? I hope we can get someone who already has this setup to give us a update also. The stock is 24mm so I don't know if 20mm would be to much. So far sounds like 20's or 22's are going to be a big improvement over stock.
  3. I have changed the front tire and that did help but it still washes out. I will look into the adjustable axle, I think that Rakluse makes one. I will also look into the applied racing clamps. Anyone tried the 20mm?
  4. I have desided I have had enough of the front in washout and am going to get a stabilzer and new triple clamp. BRP has what looks to be a great set up. Anyone have them? Also I need to know the best offset to use . I ride woods rock and tight single track. anyone have any experience with the differnt offsets? BRP web site changing ther offset is the best fix. I rode a 96 rm250 before and never had front end washout. Any help would be great.
  5. great guys thanks, I have been taking it off with some very light sandpaper and it seems to work, I guess I will continue that method, or switch to steel wool.
  6. Ya, I wash the bikes after every ride, and it is definitely rust, I thought it might be mud but its not.
  7. I hope someone can help me. The pipes on my 250x and 450x accumulate heavy rust. I understand the pipes are stainless, but how is everyone keeping them free of rust? How are you cleaning them? Any kind of protective coating or spray I can put on them? The pipes look great cleaned up but they accumulate thick rust fast and I am not sure the best way to keep this from happening. I cannot replace them with ti .... I just want them to look good.
  8. These results are impressive, but I have a few questions. 1. Why is everyone seem to be using a 06r head with a 04 cam? Why not use a 06r cam, or a Hot Cam stage1? 2. These results are impressive, but I wonder what a bike would do with the 06r head and cam alone? what would it dyno out at roughly?.The 06r puts out 35.8hp stock. How much different is the 250x engine from the 06r after your replace the 250x head with the 06r head and cam. Could we not expect to have hp and torq very close to the 06r? I sure would like to see the dyno on this..... if I could get my 04x at 35hp by changing the head and cam I would be happy, or maybe jut go with a TR270 KIT or Vortex kit and save a lot of money. I just ordered a Hot Cam stage 1 .. wonder if I should have ordered something different. 3. Does the transmission and gearing have anything to do with hp and torq readings on a dyno?
  9. I will try that, but it just seams so strange, I have had several bike's in the past with inverted forks and never had any problems. I guess there is always a first time.
  10. Anyone else having trouble with fork seals? I am on my 3rd one and now it is leaking again , I even put on seal savers on last time. Any advice on what to try? New brand of seal? Springs? Any suggestions would help.
  11. I was able to find a number for Motoman Distributing and I spoke with Chris over there. He is a great guy and had some good information for me. He said that there are only a few kits in right now but are expecting more very soon which is why information is so scarce now. As soon as more kits are available some of the magazine's will be doing a test on one for all of us to read, but right now the testing information looks very good on these kits. The test bike was a 05 r with stock 33hp. After the kit ,pipe and air filter, hp was increased to a little over 38. 5hp gain. Now for the major kicker. He said you DO NOT HAVE TO SPLIT OR GRIND THE CASES. IT IS A COMPLETE BOLT ON KIT. I guess we will have to wait and see about this , but that was what I was told. I would love to see this same test on a 06 250r that has stock 36 hp, but if I could do all the ccc on my 04x, hopefully get the hp close to a stock 04,05 r and then add the kit and end up with 36 to 38hp, my 250(276) would no longer have me wanting a 450x. We just need something in the middle for Honda 250x good weight not enough power 450x to heavy to much power. The big bore kit's may just be our solution (no matter the manufacture) I just want to look at all the option's and make a educated decision.
  12. The information I have states it is a completely new cylinder designed with wider water jacket for better cooling. It's hard to get any information when you cannot find a website or phone number.
  13. Thanks for the feed back. I had no idea you would have to split the cases. It's interesting they advertise this as a bolt on kit, when in fact if you are splitting the cases it is without question NOT a bolt on kit. Do you have a website address or phone number for them? I would like to call them and really find out more about this.
  14. Anyone have any information on this new kit from Athena? I have been trying to find their website , but am unable to find it. This is what I have so far: Athena 4-stroke cylinder kits are a bolt-on high performance replacement kit specifically designed for each application. Kits Included: Aluminum cylinder with nickle-carbide coating designed with wider water jackets.Forged piston with molybdenum coating.Special top end gasket kit. HONDA CRF250 R/X 04-06 Displacement: 275.7cc (82mm Piston) Compression Ratio: 13.1:1 Wheel HP: 38 @ 8,500 RPMs Tested with cylinder kit, Akrapovic exhaust, racing CDI unit & Athena air filter. I found the information at VRP-MX.COM http://www.vrp-mx.com/index.html The price is $640 for the hole kit. This would be a huge increase over the 24.29 stock hp, but not so much over the stock 06 250r 36hp http://photos.motorcycle-usa.com/CRF250XDyno.jpg Would this be a good investment in my x, or should I buy a r? Any information would be great.