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  1. Quick Question. I'm going to try a set of Bridgestone out. Which one's are you guy's using for MX on mainly intermediate terrain? I have always used Dulop 756's and like them but want to try Bridgestones' comparable. Please don't just post up your favorite Bridgestone, like I said I've always used the 756's but don't want someone suggesting a Dunlop 739 type tire for intermediate if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance.
  2. 7111

    which slip on for 06 yz450?

    If it's for a supermoto bike I would go with the Graves system. They are a Yamaha team in Roadracing and SM, so I'm sure Chuck Graves did his home work when it comes to making the exhausts perform.
  3. 7111

    Blow by?

    Can I take an old air filter and cut it up to fit or would that be to thick?
  4. 7111

    Blow by?

    How much blow by do you guys get? I did two days at VIR (YZ450) and after about 30 minutes of riding I would have about 1 to 3 ounces (maybe a little more) of oil in the catch can. YES, 1 to 3 OUNCES per ride. Is this standard? I didn't think is was so I tore the enginge apart and everything looks OK. The cyclinder is true. There was no excessive wear. Piston looks fine. The rings looked OK. The ring gaps were in spec. In general, nothing looked out of the ordinary. A few people at the track said that they do spit some oil out but not even close to what I was going through. I added about a quart of oil in one and a half days of riding and the bike only takes a quart. Any idea's? Is this just normal. I'm throwing in a new piston and rings just in case but what's the deal?
  5. 7111

    Lets see the 250 Motards!

    The link isn't working for the rear tire. Could you please give me the model numbers front and rear? Thanks.
  6. 7111

    Lets see the 250 Motards!

    What 21" fron and 19" rear tires are those???? Anyone know where to get 21 / 19 SuperMoto tires? A friend didn't want to spend the money and would like to do this if it's an option. Thanks
  7. 7111

    Yz 450F supermoto questions

    Hey Guys, I not trying to sound like a d!ck but no one has any set-ups for a YZ 450?? There seam to be a lot of people on this site. I'm sure one or two of you may have a YZ and may ride SuMo. Come on, don't be shy, even if you don't like posting, just post your set up. I need something to start with. P/S: Thanks for the posts above. They are a good starting point but I would like a little more info.
  8. 7111

    Yz 450F supermoto questions

    Thanks, it's a start
  9. 7111

    Yz 450F supermoto questions

    WOOOOO!!! What tire pressures should I have run??? I kept them the same as my roadrace bike at 31 lbs. front/ 29 - 30 rear. If your saying that I shouldn't have even been near 25 then I'm sure that could defiantly have been at least half the problem. Possibly turning a minor chatter into a huge one. Like I said, I had a MX setup and just cranked in the rebound and compression. If I tried to soften the comp. it would just blow through the stoke. The rebound seamed to work best at about 4 clicks out. I agree about heavier springs but I didn't have the option to really set it up at all. I just grabbed my MX bike and played. The chatter was just overwhelming. That's why I'm asking for set up suggestions. So when I go in Oct. I can start with a workable baseline and go from there. Even a minor chatter would be way ahead of what I was riding with. Thanks for the info. and please keep it coming. Ride height, compression, rebound, sag, tire pressure, etc. Lets hear what you guys ride with and maybe that will be a good start to work with. Thanks...........
  10. 7111

    Yz 450F supermoto questions

    Thanks for the input. The chatter I was experiencing was from the apex driving out under power. I'm sorry I should have explained the scenario a little better. It did not occur while on the brakes or downshifting going into the turn. I understand the situation you explained but my chatter was during the drive out of the corner with the power on. My bike is an 06. I guess you experienced this as well, my chatter however was very strong/ drastic. Like the front end was bouncing. Not just a small chatter from the front end. Thanks again and be safe.....
  11. Alright Guys, Let me start off by saying that I MX'ed a couple years and have been doing Roadracing (Supersport) for a few years. I MX in the winter for fun and training. So this year we were at VIR and a play day was on their Patriot Course which is a 1 mile practice track. I figured it would be a great way to play with the dirtbike on a asphalt track (I also didn't want to bin a SS bike on a practice track). I had already purchased 17" rims for the 450. I also purchased an EBC oversized rotor for the front end. I put a race take off Dunlop 209 on the front and someone gave me a Pirelli Supercorsa for the rear (a 150). First, I had a blast. What a fun ride to just go out and play around. However, I was experiencing MASSIVE chatter. The front, when I would push hard into a downhill sweeper corner, would bounce like a basket ball. This turn is also right next to the pit wall and several people standing there said you could see the whole front end chattering. I also experienced this in a level bowl turn. I had the sag set to what someone recommended on this site. The compression was 1 click out. The rebound was 4 clicks out. During the day I raised the front ride height by dropping the forks in the triples. I also added and removed rebound. I also tried softening the compression a little maybe 2 clicks but then it was starting to just blow through the stroke so I stayed at 1 click out on the front. I talked with my suspension guy, Thermosman aka Mike Fitzgerald, ( he has worked with Eric Bostrom, Pascal Picotte, Robert Jensen, and currently works with Geoff May and Mike Barnes) I'm just giving his name and creds to show he's a true suspension guy and not someone who just works on suspension and "thinks" he knows what to do. He said that he hasn't really worked on any Supermoto bikes and really couldn't give me super accurate info, but he said that the 209 was probably the culprit. He said that since the 209 is such a hard carcass tire, which even in road racing it is compared to Pirelli, Mich., etc, that it was helping the chatter. That and also that the bikes valving and springs are set up for MX. Again, he never even saw my bike, nor did I give him additional info about what I was experiencing so he was not unable to give me additional help. AND the fact that I was having such a great time I was just going to ride through the chatter. To finish this huge story off, last session of the day I tried to put in some good laps and lowsided in the bowl turn. Nothing bad at all. Broke a footpeg off and scratched a handle bar. But nothing else. I go back to VIR next month and will have the opportunity to play on this track for 2 days in a row. So after this huge, long story my question is? How do I resolve this chatter or more importantly, what are some of your set ups for a YZ 450? I'm 170 lbs. And what front tires are you using? I'm pretty sure I'm going to use one of the Dunlop Supermoto slicks since they should be perfect for the bike, but I welcome any help or suggestions. Thanks ahead of time and I'm sorry for this long thread. Hopefully some of you will read it to the end...........
  12. 7111


    One last thing. When you drill it, lean the bike a little to the left. As you drill go in about 5 mm and pull out, now vacuum, go in another 5 mm and pull out and vacuum. Once your done drilling and vacuuming, lean the bike all the way over on the left so that any oil in the head will pour out the gallery bolt hole. This, again, will help with removing contaminates. The idea I'm trying to express is keep it as clean as you can...
  13. 7111


    Sir, The shop doesn't sound to competent. I've done it before and had no problem with any of it. Look at where the engine gallery bolt is. There is no reason to extract the engine. Now, in regards to contaminates, running the engine is not what is important. That will just help flush the system. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS: keep everything clean!! AND WHEN YOU DRILL OUT THE HOLE, JUST GO DEEP ENOUGH TO REMOVE THE THREADED AREA. DO NOT PUSH THE DRILL BIT ANY FURTHER IN THE HEAD THAN THE THREAD DEPTH. The thread depth should only be about 12 to 16 mm or so deep. Just use a flash light and look to see the thread depth. Don't forget to use the Shop-Vac like I said to remove and loose debris. P/S: You can measure the thread depth, then measure from the end of the drill bit back and put a piece of tape on the drill bit. This way you know when you are getting near the end of the threads or if your about to go to deep.
  14. 7111


    Dud, Here is the quick fix without being raped $200+ for nothing. Thread the bolt back in and spin it to remove any debris. Spin it around and pull it out. Get a Shop Vac and tape the nozzle up leaving a small hole in it so that is sucks from a little opening ( a little bigger than the bolt hole). Place the nozzle against the hole for the bolt to vacuum any debris out of it. Get a Q-Tip and insert it while rotating it to remove any excess debris. Get another Q-Tip with oil on it and do it again. DO BOTH OF THESE SEVERAL TIMES TO CLEAN AND ANY METAL SHARDS OUT OF THE HEAD. Next install a Heli-coil (which is what some of these guys are referring to) you drill and tap it, then install the Heli-coil and the original size bolt can be used again. This happened to me on my 426 and this is exactally what I did. No problems what so ever. You can pay around $250+ to fix it the way the shop is telling you or do it for about $20 this way. As long as no dirt or contaminates got in the hear AND YOU CLEAN IT OUT GOOD, you should have no problems and be back in business this weekend. THE BIGGEST THING IS TO CLEAN ANY AND ALL DEBRIS YOU CAN FROM THE HEAD. Clean it now a few times, drill it and clean it a few times, tap it and clean a few times, install the helicoil and clean it a few times....you get the point.................. Oh and run the engine for about 10 minutes (in a field, not idling) and change the oil. Any debris (microscopic) that is in the head and spills back down into the crank case will have the best chance of being removed and not circulated. There should really be almost nothing there but worst case the oil filter will grab it. Good luck and do what you feel most comfortable with..............
  15. 7111

    whats your jump tecnique???

    gregghealy....also check your sag. If there is to much preload on the rear it will be to stiff for your weight and drop the front going off jumps. It will say in your manual, but on a big bike sag in usually 3.5 to 4 inches.