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    New to Denver area and riding, need tips.

    Does anyone know what a "Buddy" pass is? I'm hoping it's a tranferable pass that I can use for a friend or family member when they visit. I assume the regular passes have pictures on them so I won't be able to bring my brother with my wife's pass. Man, I think I just hi-jacked my own thread.
  2. rockstar66

    New to Denver area and riding, need tips.

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm busy the next few weekends but I'll go checkout Rampart during the week next week. I looked at rampartrange.org and found this page to be pretty helpful too, http://www.rampartrange.org/pages/rampart_riding_areas.asp One follow up question. Is there riding here in the winter, or do you pretty much get shut down? Not a big deal, I'll be getting a seasons pass and snowboarding most weekends anyway, but I might wait for spring to get a bike if it's going to be collecting dust for 4 months.
  3. Executive Summary: 1. Can an XR250 or a KDX200 be made street legal in CO? 2. Are there any trails at all worth riding within about an hour of Denver metro? 3. How do you get started with dirt bikes if you don't have friend with a bike? Boring Details: I just moved to Golden CO, from out of state and my 66 Chevelle project did not make the trip, so I'm thinking about filling the void with a dirt bike. I think the kind of riding I'm interested in is just mild or intermediate trail riding. When I'm not home I'm usually riding a mountain bike or driving my jeep in the mountains, so I was thinking a trail bike might provide a nice hybrid of the two experiences, and get me to some sites I can't reach on my mountain bike or my jeep. I'm planning on spending $3500 on a bike and all the other crap that goes with one. Thinking maybe a XR250, or a KDX200 5 years old or newer. Want to have something that will be good buddy bike if I decide to get more into the hobby. Also would like something I can make street legal so I can ride a few miles to link trails if I have to. Am I barking up the right tree so far? If so I have two problems. 1. I'm concerned about finding places to ride within an hour of Denver. I'm ok doing a two hour drive for a good trail, I do it all the time for my mountain bike, but I also like to bike during the week after work for an hour or two in Evergreen or Boulder. After skimming the sticky and hitting a few sites I'm not seeing a lot of off road trails even unspectacular ones in close proximity. Or maybe I am and I just don't understand where exactly they are. Anyway I'll pass if I have to make it an all day event every time I go ride. 2. I don't know anything about motorcycles. I rode a kx-80 for an hour about 20 years ago when I was a kid, and that's about it. Also I'm pretty handy with cars and mountain bikes if that's going to help at all. I'd like to be capable enough to evaluate and test ride a bike before I buy it. Is there a place or a club or something where I can rent a bike and learn more about them before I actually own one? It seems like kind of a tough hobby to get started on if you don't have a friend with a bike. Any advice is much appreciated.