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  1. Thanks for the feedback guy's, I am considering a pitster its just the price tag that kinda scares me, but if it is a quality machine then in the end it is worth it I guess. Couple of my buddys have some xr/crf 50's that have been modded and are a blast to ride, I am just looking for something I can mash around on in the streets or offroad and not worry about parts falling off and breaking off just from back trailin. Thanks Guys
  2. Hello I am new to the forum and thought I would get some advice from ya guys. I am in the market for a pit bike, going to be doing the basic back trailing and maby a little jumping but for the most part I am looking for something to bum around on that will be reliable for the most part. Do you guy's have any feedback on this brands? http://www.rottenmx.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?usr=51G1916875&rnd=3056159&rrc=N&affl=&cip=&act=&aff=&pg=prod&ref=pitbike&cat=pitbike&catstr=HOME:pitbike http://www.xxx-motorsports.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=db30&Category_Code=06 Or would my best bet be to just get a honda 50cc bike and just upgrade it as I go, also are there any online websites who sale the honda bikes? Thank You Much Appreciated