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  1. MDS55

    2000 yz426

    Sounds like we're going to Birdy's house for this project.
  2. MDS55

    TTR 125 Bends Valves

    Anybody have issues with there TTR125 bending valves? After the first bent valve issue everything was put back together per the manual. After just a couple hours of riding bent the valve again. Any ideas...............?
  3. MDS55

    Oil Tube - '00 YZ426

    Lucky you its the more expensive of the two.
  4. MDS55

    Decompression Block-Off 99 400F

    When we going riding..................This century or any other.
  5. MDS55

    Decompression Block-Off 99 400F

    Great idea, thanks.
  6. I have a decompression cam for me YZ 400F. Does anyone know of an after market block off kit to replace the decomp parts in the head?
  7. MDS55

    Snowing in Lancaster !!

    Yeah, not sure where yet. Planning on camping/riding Tue/Wed/Thur next week. Let me know where you plan to go...........................when you know.
  8. MDS55

    Snowing in Lancaster !!

    You took a shower and it wasn't even Saturday, very good.
  9. Birdy426 is kinda like Wal-Mart...if he ain't got it, you don't need it.
  10. MDS55

    Kennedy Meadows question(s).....

    How long is it going to take us (safely) to get to wherever we camp (Troy Meadows?) from the 395? I'll pulling a 20' toy hauler with a GMC diesel. It takes me a little over an hour to go from the Shell station in Pearsonville to Troy.
  11. MDS55

    Questions about Kennedy Meadows area??

    A friend of mine took a quad up there and when we pulled in to Troy over-flow he was told by the Ranger "If that quad leaves the trailer you will be ticketed".
  12. MDS55

    Mammoth Lakes

    Me and some friends are planning a trip up there that same weekend. We rode last year from Mil Pond to June Lake and the to Mammoth. Not sure where we plan to stay yet, but Big Springs has been mentioned as one of the places.
  13. I also have the Thor AC Vented pants. ONE ride and three of the vented holes had stretched out and are now BIGGER holes. They are also much harder to get clean than my Fox 180's. No more Thor for me
  14. Thanks to all of those who voter for Arnold . He fooled you all
  15. Here’s my opinion with a little different spin. I spent 20 years of my life in the military defending freedom and liberty for this country. I did my time overseas away from my children, family and friends. I should not have to spend money to join clubs or hire attorneys to fight Left Wing Tree Hugger Whacko’s in court. This is America where we should be free to enjoy this country as WE see fit, not how the sierra club or some other tree hugger organization determines we should. I ride where I want to ride. I don’t chase the woodland or desert creatures around trying to scare them. I go out of my way to avoid the desert tortuous. I don’t mess with the Bristlecone or Joshua trees. I don’t run over the Golden Poppy’s or other protected plant life. We make sure when we leave our campsite weather it’s in the mountains or the desert it’s cleaner than when we got there. I pay my taxes, my motorcycles all have current registrations, my vehicles and trailer are registered and insured. I’ve done my part and if I get ticketed for riding in an area some left wing do-gooder has determined I’m not some supposed to be in then I agree with Bill. I’m happy to tell my story to the judge and let the chips fall where they may. I don’t need an attorney to charge me an arm and a leg I can speak for myself. I’d be happy to participate in a protest ride. I will also writer letters to my so-called representatives and see what good that will do. I’d be happy to show up in court to back up others who may get cited for “illegally” enjoying the land I spent the better part of my life defending. If there are other veterans, or active duty that enjoy riding and are TT users I’d be interested to hear your thoughts as well. Keep Fighting The Good Fight Bill.