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  1. Up up up anobody have idea
  2. The problem is the flywheel on the 250 sx is face up the motor and the stator is in the flywheel motor side. My stock cover is not to deepth , and when i put it i got a gap of 1 inch between the block and the cover. When you look a at 300 flywheel/stator, the flywheel is face up outside the bike and the stator bolt up in the cover. The 300 stator flywheel is less wide that the 250 sx but the 250 cover fit but the bolt patterns is not the same and we got a piece of casing who not covered with the cover. please help me to find the right aftermarket/stock cover. If not i will be obligated to buy a another flywheel/stator kit at 500 $ thanks alot
  3. That is what i was look like .and my starter is removed already . Thanks alot is very appreciated
  4. I buy the bike new in 2008 , and i dosen't want to change it , so i want to change a little bit the character of the bike. So if nobody answer me , it's sound like that no cover will fit on my 300 for my 250 flywheel
  5. i blew my stator and my flywheel on mon 2008 ktm 300 xc-w. I got a good idea to buy a stator/flywheel from a 250 sx to get more aggresivity .After the installation, The bike run good , but the stock ignition cover dosen't fit at all, and i ordered a 250sx cover and he dosen't fit. Do you have some idea, on what ignition cover should i use thanks alot
  6. When i was quitting my garage with it, the motor made a hezitation, it was like he stalling, i twist the throttle off and on and suddently the motor goes good. 30 minute later i depress the throttle to wait my friend, and the bike stalled on idle or low rpm. I'm waiting about a multimeter to continu my test but all your comment or experience is appreciate thanks you
  7. Hi I checked out all the thing, cdi box, ignition, rectifier, wire and nothing i'm waiting about a multimeter to test the stator it is normal that the white/blue wire on the ignition coil is a ground. because the bar that pass thru the coil is a ground too, so i pretty sceptical about that wire. do you have some info about cheking the stator, because the bike does not start, the only thing i can do is kick it thanks alot !!
  8. my little 300 stall up in the trail past weekend. No more fire on the plug i change, the coil with the one on my friend bike, again no fire i check the current on the yellow/red wire on the starter relay, current is ok i change the cdi, nothing happen How can i check if the stator work ? what can i check to find my trouble thanks alot
  9. Yesterday i was removing the linkage for the powervalve with the little ''sprocket''.But i didnt mark the teeth to install it in the same position. Does i made a mistake ?? it is important to install it in the same position ? thanks you for your advice the bike is a 2008 ktm 300 xc-w
  10. i can move the shifter up and down but he does not change the gear
  11. When i move it up and down , nothing do, it's stay in gear , the bike run good , the clutch work well(the motor off,when i clutch it i can move the bike) , but i cant shift it. what's is your idea about this problem?? The bike is 2008 ktm 300 xc-w 100 hours/2700 miles on it,all stock . compression 160 psi thanks you
  12. Thanks alot for the reply is very apreciated if someone else got other idea i would like to know them I really like the snowmobile stud, i check on ebay and i didnt see anything if someone got a website it's will be very cool sometime on the river they have 1 inch of snow and i dont want to be stuck in snow so i thnik the snowmobile one will be very cool
  13. Hi! The winter is coming badly and i cant be separate of my 08 300 exc It is hard on a 2 stroke block to run on winter and ice what i have to change to run it ? Changing jet, prestone , fuel ? specially i will run on the river in front of my house Thanks alot And for sure i will buy 2 new winter tire
  14. i mainly ride at about 1300 feet but i ride also at between 200 and 500 feet for the temperautre : between 85 to 95 degrees
  15. i heard about some diy method : like fill your pipe with water and put it in the freezer or the one with the acetylene it's is good ?? if it's work i will repair it and i will put my trailtech pipe guard on it and i hope i wil never hit a ****ing rock again other question : my 300 need a jetting. Do you have a chart or things like this to jet the bike correctly for the elevation temperature etc.. thanks alot !!