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  1. How about coming out from Cali to ride Moab? It would be me and 2 others, all good riders. We will be out in Moab from March 21 thru the 29th, we will be jeeping a lot but want to ride a couple of days. We have never ridden bikes there, but heard it is great. Brad
  2. bwenz

    2007 YZ450F - Baffled????

    Did you turn the fuel off? If so, turn it back on.
  3. My Boss asked me this question, and I am new to the job so I need to find out ASAP. Can an 01yz426 be greenstickered in Ca? If so, how? And in So. Cal. what months do you need a greensticker to ride. Most riding will be done at El Mirage, Palm Springs area and Ocatello. Thanks in advance.
  4. My bro is going to buy a new WR250, a dealer has an 04 and an 05, both are new. The price difference is $300., 04 is $3,599 otd and 05 is $5,899 otd. Are there any differences between the two? What would you recomend. Thanks in advance fellas.
  5. The dealer told me you can put a yz pipe on an 06 wr250f. I don't think so, because I think they changed the '06 from the '05. Someone please confirm or correct my assumption. Thanks in advance, Wenz
  6. bwenz

    Dial a Jet

    Has anyone used this or known anyone use it. It sounds like a cool system if it works. Can someone explain if this would be beneficial or just a waste. From what I take, you don't substitute it for your main jet, but rather suppliment it. http://www.thunderproducts.com/dial_a_jet.htm Thanks, Brad
  7. bwenz

    Power Now??? Quick Reply please

    thanks fellas, but no one actually answered my question. Don't worry about the "Quick Reply," anymore, take your time, I won't be able to work on my bike until next week. But, I am still interested if the instructions on the JamesNow version do not apply to my 06 wr250f.
  8. On an 06 wr250f, can you do the Free Power Now. I have checked the back of my carb and have not seen the intake bell. Thanks, Wenz
  9. So, this is my first bike, and I have done alright with the free mods and jetting specs. But, even after reading posts about suspension, don't know a thing about what would be ideal for my riding environment. I ride an 06 wr250f, and wiegh about 205 lbs with all my gear. I was wondering if anyone knows of the best place in So Cal area, specifically Inland Empire area, to have them do the suspension work. And what should I ask for, I am sure that I will tell them everything I am telling you guys, but it is nice to have an unbias opinion. As is now, I ride mostly desert and some at Glamis. I haven't messed with the adjustments on my shocks, and have noticed that sometime when dropping off of things, the front feels like it bottoms out. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Wenz
  10. I also have an 06 wr250f and ride in Ca, I can tell you what I run works pretty well for down here. I replaced the main and the pilot, as well as the leak jet (bleed screw). I went form the stock main ( which is I think a 168) to a 178, and from a 42 pilot to a 45, and the leak jet that comes with the GYT-R kit is a 90, stock is 80, and everyone around here will recomend a 40, which is also what I use now. The set up is great. Maybe someone else can better explain why not to use the 90 leak jet, but it will help out the zero to 1/4 throttle to run a 40 leak jet. The only other difference between our bikes is that I run the GYT-R exhaust, but all the other mods are the same. You can also check the jetting database to see what different people are doing.
  11. The kit just came out, and the Yamaha store in my town had ordered a couple. It is specifically for the 250 and installs in about 15 minutes, super easy. Thanks for all the replies fellas, I recieved an adjustable needle from the GYT-R kit, and I will compare it to the YZ needle. I am not to excited to buy the JD kit, since I have already purchased all the jets that I need. I am not sure how much power the AIS removal added, but with all the mods listed already, the bike flys. I just got back from glamis, and the bike kept up with all the 450 yzf's, not quite as fast up the dunes, but was able to make it up them. Any other suggestions about mods would be great, I am always looking for something new to change or work on. I am going to do the Power Now and change the needle. Good luck huh? Thanks
  12. My dealer just got in the AIS removal kit from GYT-R, I bought it and it comes with the throttle stop (already done though), a new needle, 48 pilot jet, and the block off kit. Q. 1 Will taking off the smog stuff change the performance of the bike? Q.2 I have heard that 05 and newer wr250f have a non-adjustable needle, is this true. and is so, should I change the needle to the new one, which is adjustable? And what clip should I use? Q.3 Should I change the pilot jet to the 48? As now, I have an 06 wr250f, with the throttle stop, GYT-R slipe on pipe, Holes in the air box, snorkel removed, 180 main jet, 45 pilot jet, 40 leak jet, and zip ty fuel screw on the way form the TT store. I ride So. Cal, Anza Borego, Glamis, Truck Haven, Pismo, Big Bear (not yet, but soon). Q4. Is there always going to be a slight bog when I blip the throttle? Thanks fellas, but I bet a lot of us out there like this type of post. Sorry so many questions. Wenz
  13. Is there a smog removal kit for the wr250f yet? If so, where can I get it?
  14. bwenz

    06 WR250 Exhaust

    Yes, the stock muffler has a spark arrestor. I bought the 06 wr250f, it is a great bike, but it comes very restricted. It is my first bike, but I have been able to ride about 30 hours this first month. I originally took out the insert on my stock muffler while I waited for an aftermarket one. Only a couple of pips are available. Yesterday I put the GYT-R pip one, cut the grey wire, added some one inch uni air filters to the outside of my airbox, and changed the main jet from a 168 to a 178. It is a completely different bike now, lots of power, or at least for me. I girlfriends uncle is the editor for the offroad section of Cycle News, so he tests all the new bikes, and he was the one who recommended me to buy the Wr250f vs. any other 250.