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  1. Aspired

    Loaner bike for friends and family

    Agreed, I have never smiled more than when screaming a 125 past 450's in the super tight single track. All that power of the 450 and no where to use it! A 125 or close ration tranny doesn't go with single track hahaha! Like to block pass that guy in the woods. Hear, see, eat roost, hear, never see again is how that short story goes. Glad he is enjoying the 125 so far, no too far from riding season hear.
  2. Aspired

    Loaner bike for friends and family

    I ride alone all the time, leaving this week to UP to sled solo for 5 days (snow season here). I am in 2 snowmobile, 2 dirtbike and a mountain bike club but schedules don't work always, people are not as serious about the hobby or decided to have families and not going to let that stop my plans to ride out of fear of what could happen but should do some basic prep and don't usually ride at full race pace. It's fun, no waiting ever, go where ever you want, set you own schedule, noone complaining if your riding and it's pooring rain because there fair weather riders or that you like to ride late into the morning, can tune your bike settings, run the same section you like as many time as want, etc.. Just saying don't be that worried about riding alone but do know what your doing. You can also just meet up and ask to ride with people at the track or trailhead whom have there own bikes. If they all ride or have ridden streetbikes (or drag race for certain) those bike are too slow IMO to be enjoyable more than putting around for a few hours in the yard. KTM 150XCW if they are all teens or older and not completely out of shape. Sure I can in the woods wring the crap out of one of those bulled proof 4 strokes but the brakes and suspension are just not going to provide the same riding experience or enjoyment level. Depends where your riding, whom your bringing and how much you willing to spend to not ride alone, one bike never does everything. Personally if I am buying a second bike for anyone that has ever ridden more that a scooter it's a second race capable bike but a smaller bore like older CR125 or new KTM 150SX (YZ125 as sounds like your a bit of a brandie) with some suspension work as I ride off-road mostly. Teach them and will be fine. The YZF250FX would be fine too if your a 4 stroke guy but likely not the R and WR is still kind of a pig. Nice thing about most 4 stroke is can put in on the slowest map or program it. IDK how fast are you after a year or your totally history. This year, my friend whom I have ridden street bikes with for years (rockets not cruisers) bought a dirtbike. He's a good rider and can hang fine minus any flashy stuff. He wanted a KTM 300XC for whatever reason and I brought him with when I bought a new Husky701SM and explained what I would buy as well as the ins and outs of all the bikes offered and my riding experience as with clubs had ridden about them all, he passed on the 150XCW and YZ250X and a week later bought a left over 16 250XC which I thought was a great purchase and 3rd on my recommended buys. Great bike and he can grow into it, rides it fine but I don't expect him to keep up on dirt likely ever and probably could ride that CRF230 as fast but if he maintains that bike it will last him forever as he grows and still working on getting him to a race. That 230 might run forever but will fast out ride that chassis and suspension. Just a way better long term purchase. He has steadily increased in speed and skills but can take that bike to the end of his level without replacing it just customizing to fit his use or riding style. Riding with faster people whom take the time to explain and critique technic never hurts also but I doubt after year will be charging away from anyone just moving from road to dirt. Best of luck! Everyone will have different opinions, heck it's a forum right but hopefully you'll get enough info to decide.
  3. Aspired

    701 - flame out

    Looks like might have more luck over @ SuperMotoJunkie. Forums for Huskys are disappointing at best as well as parts searches.
  4. Aspired

    701 - flame out

    Nice, looks like was a issue with the 690's also at least from previous years: http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?147913-KTM-690-Stalling-Problem-Solved
  5. Aspired

    701 - flame out

    2017 701 SuperMoto. Likes to flame out too often. Basically off idle. Could be shifting down coming to stop with clutch in and give it a quick blip of trottle and it dies. Starts back up fine. Onc day did 3 times, was fine before then didn't do for serveral takes and did twice today. Super annoying, just turned 1k probably died 6-8 times in those miles. About as annoying as the 4th and 5th false neutrals. Just wondering if anyone else has had the issue. My friend has a 2017 450 on/off six days, said similar issues even after bumping idle up a bit. So far I see no way on this to increase the idle. Dealer said increase the idle or bring it in but it probably run fine when there. Asked about a upgraded fuel map but there isn't one. - Cory
  6. Aspired

    Harescrambles, Enduro Bar width?

    Update: I took 1/2" off each end of my bars then I noticed that the bar expander inserts from my last pair did not have a flanges on the end like the Tusk ones seem to, switched to the other inserts so the bark buster now rests right up against the bar end. Each insert flange was about 1/4" I am now down to 32 1/2" at the widest part of the bark busters, should give me a bit more wiggle room without really any loss of control. Thanks everyone for your input it was greatly appreciated!
  7. Aspired

    Harescrambles, Enduro Bar width?

    Mini's huh now there is a idea I never would have looked into. narrow and high and less sweep I plan on buying another pare of the bars I have, maybe used to experiment with 1/2" on each end at a time. I run my busters low but if I run them high and more straight they should accommodate less width so will give it a go here and see if I can find a likeable setup before the next race. thanks!
  8. Aspired

    Harescrambles, Enduro Bar width?

    Thanks guys kind of what I figured, time to work up a narrower setup. I assume you guys just cut yours down 2" on each side
  9. I am 35, 6' tall and ride a 01 CR250 (chassis before yours) offroad in Vet A class. No knee issues here or issues transferring from seated to standing position. Have rode the new CR chassis on MX track and no issue there either. Also had no issues when racing 450x a few years ago. By over flexed you mean over 90 degree bend in your legs when seated? When your standing are you locking out your legs/knees as that could be a problem? Are you wearing comfortable knee shin braces? Do you run or bike to exercise your knees regularly? I know you said the other bike didn't do it but knee exercise is important, particularly biking is good since it is low impact and works the knees pretty directly. Anyways just semi close to your bike, size and age so figured I'd reply. Hope you figure it out! Regards!
  10. Aspired

    Clutch use?

    Gotcha, have you tried different rear sprockets to find a good medium? I run a CR250 which would be closer geared to your previous RM250 with a taller 1st gear but the sprockets can sometimes get you to the sweet spot your looking for but takes some $ and testing. Personally I run stock sproketry which gives me a good balance for harescrambles but yeah better on the MX track than the woods still. Sometimes your just going to have that in between and either have to shift, lug it a bit or use the clutch. Yeah I use the clutch some and try to avoid a ton of shifting as well and also think it's a bit smoother and more flowing. Hope that helps or gives you a second idea.
  11. Aspired

    Clutch use?

    I also use the clutch on starts (not just taking off) , open stretches, in sand and mud to power or speed shift. Meaning to in hold the throttle to the stop and pull in the clutch just enough to let me shift up a gear or more as desired. Pretty common practice in MX and when in the woods and my hands tired I just chop the throttle and don't touch the clutch. Hard on the tranny though down shifting like that at higher rpm Regards
  12. Aspired

    Harescrambles, Enduro Bar width?

    update: - maybe this is not so much technic but hardware - sorry if it's in the wrong section! my bar width is 32" the widest part of my bark busters though is 35" I just run standard Tusk barkbuster without roost/hand guards, would maybe try a pair of Cycra's with handguards if they can be installed on narrower bars. I run shorty levers so don't need them to bulge out for levers. any thoughts?
  13. Aspired

    2 stroke braking?

    I drag my rear brake a lot to help control the bike how I want, often without the clutch in, just don't get to crazy or you will stall it (I run the rear brake lever real low or I find myself over using it), add in the front when need to get abrupt and always try to avoid front lockup but don't really have a issue with that myself. Most everyone else had some really good tips on what they do as well.
  14. Ok so I need to measure mine and add to post (do tomorrow) but I run a 01 CR250 with a motocross Renthal Jeff Stanton bend if I recall. Seem it's a bit wider than others but I can't cut them down at all or the Tusk bark busters will not fit. Maybe I need a different style buster and bar setup. Like to be hitting a few less trees. Sure I will loose some leverage, maybe take a 1/4 of each side then try (max probably 1/2 each side) and see if notice but need to find a bark buster combo that will allow. Anyone know what overall width there running.so I can compare or bark busters that allow of a smaller width bar? Oh I race Vet A, generally a top 5 finisher, so not the fastest but not trail riding either. I just see some guys blowing through the single track with tight trees faster and smoother than if feels like I am at times and loosing some ground which I have to make up on the MX track or the open areas. Thanks and Regards!
  15. Aspired

    harscramble racing

    That's about all you need is protection but more races also require an approved spark arrestor. You can buy add on caps for 4 strokes for under $100 to meet that requirement.