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  1. honda_rules_2005

    86 Hours without a single issue

    my 07 CRF450X is up to 50 hrs and not one problem. I got the valves checked 3 times so far and it never needed adjustment.
  2. honda_rules_2005

    450r exhaust compatibility

    how did exhaust system fit your bike? Is it a original 450X? I got a white brother alluminum pro system for my 07 CRF450X and the header pipe would'nt fit because of the water pump housing and hoses?
  3. honda_rules_2005

    Cheapest '07 450X prices yet... post 'em !!

    I got my 07 CRF450X for $10,500 Aus
  4. honda_rules_2005

    2005 CRF450R Whitebrothers Aluminum pro2 jetting?

    My temp is from 20oC -40oC and my elication is from 0 - 1200Ft above sea level. Is summer over here!
  5. Hi, I recently got a Whitebrothers Aluminum pro 2 System for my 05 CRF450R and it came with a 158main and said to putthe needle jet clip in the 6th position, but it sounds too lean to me!! Is it ok to put it in? Im at 200-300m above sea level. Any help would be great! Thanks Jesse.
  6. Hey everyone, I just got a new Aluminum pro2 system and put it on my bike. It also came with a 158main jet, is said in the instructions to put the 158 main in and put the jet needle in the 6th position, but doesn't that sound a bit too lean to u? The bikes stock main jet is a 168! Will it overheat the engine?