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  1. z-boy113

    jetting my rmz

    well it runs almost perfect and everything iz set factory cuz itz completely stock..
  2. hey everybody im thinkn bout puttin a pro circuit ti-4 slip-on exhaust for my 05' rmz 250 and i waz wondering what jets should i put in it with this pipe?? somebody plz help me on this??
  3. z-boy113

    How tall are you all who ride the KXF and the RMZ?

    5'9'' and it feels light and quick and is smooth and comfortable all the time
  4. z-boy113

    Best Suzuki RM-Z250 Pictures/Contest!

    i think the new ones do
  5. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    n/m thanx everybody 4 the info i just started it up and its fixed weird but it is the revs were crisp and the idle was clean and the pipe was ??normal?? but everybody gave me good advice and now its fixed
  6. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    it couldnt be a head gasket leak cuz then it wouldnt have no compression right i mean could it it have valve problems or somthing cuz it doesnt have anything in the carb we looked through the jets and they are clear and they also soaked with the carb for a week but it still continues to run lean idk what to do now?
  7. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    yea it was fiine b4 it sat now its all out of whack and i didnt change no settings when it was sitting
  8. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    it blew smoke out the radiator tube b4 it sat for 6 months so would that still be a head gasket leak? i mean would that make it run lean and backfire?
  9. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    it gets red day or night about 30-45sec after it starts when its warming up. and i dont think thats normal but idk cuz i never looked at the head pipe b4 it sat. i alredy soaked the carb for a week in carb cleaner and blew it out but its still doin it idk if it has sometin 2 do with the valves or not cuz it ran hot b4 it sat an blew smoke out the radiator tube.
  10. z-boy113

    RM85's haul A$$ !....?

    i had a 02' and it was all top and that was davi millsaps bike check my garage it def hauled..
  11. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    but what about the backfiring?and so its supposed to get red in 30-45 sec?
  12. z-boy113

    Still Too Lean????

    my 05 is still 2 lean when its warming up after about 30-45sec the head pipe gets cherry red? and we cleaned out the carb and soaked it 4 a week and put a ngk-CR8EB plug in it 2 richen it up but it still acts like its too lean it backfires too?? it ran hot one day and it sat for about 6 months and we havent changed the settings an i dont know what else to look at cuz im new to this new generation 4 stroke tech. any suggestions???
  13. z-boy113

    My new bike!

    sweet ass bike man but make it last long and throw some 05 or 06 radiators on it 2 keep it cool or run two 2 cool radiator fluid.
  14. exactly ppl need 2 learn that some ppl like diff things i like all bikes and respect all bikes i have a pit bike and it is awsome i can wheelie it jump do watever i want and i have a big bike i can wheelie jump on and do watever i want but some ppl havent had the chance 2 actually ride a pit bike cuz they think it might make them look crazy but there awsome and some ppl havent had the chance 2 ride a big bike cuz they simply dont want 2 so wat im sayin dont let ppl talk u out of wat u like do watever floats ur boat cuz lifes about havin fun not about arguing over who rides wat so GET OUT THERE AND RIDE!
  15. z-boy113

    Do you remember your first big air??

    i remember my first big air was on my rm85 an a woman named kim came up 2 me an told me 2 pin it in 3rd and hit the doubles an i did( 6ft of air) but 6ft was like 100ft an nobody ever explain that feelin:jawdrop:u get its like u won $999,999,999 boy that was the dayz...