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  1. thanks for the help guys much appreciated
  2. hey all i got me a 05 RMZ250 and it was running awesome the first ride i went on then the next time i started it it was popping a fair bit on decelleration and didnt have much of an idle. Am i right to say that it is just running a bit lean? Thanks
  3. thanks heaps the timing chain that was on it must have been extremely stretched because it was way past the I. Im new 2 this site and didnmt know about the manuals sorry. Thanks
  4. Hey all this is going to sound like a stupid question but which is the timing mark that shows TDC? is it the H on the word stamped HI? If so my cams and timing are out as the cams are showing TDC is a little further around the flywheel. Thanks
  5. Thanks heaps guys i have myself a max 20nm torque wrench and a larger one for greater tensions. I also have the flywheel puller and feeler gauges etc. Is there anything else i should be concerned about? The mechanic said and i quote "There is alot of stuff in there that you wouldnt know about that you have to get 100% right otherwise its just gona go BANG!!" Thanks
  6. Hey guys this is my first time on this site. i am rebuilding an 02 YZ250F and my local mechanic seems to believe i am not able to successfully complete this rebuild as he said there are so many things in there that u have to get right. Can some of u please shed some light on this comment and any tips u could spare. I know i have to measure the piston to bore clearance and set the ring end gaps aswell as putting the rings in the correct spacings around the piston, make sure the valves are set correctly and line the timing up. A new timing chain is going on too. Have i missed anything? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks