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    1991 dr650s and many questions

    its got a uni filter, 150 primary, 2" headback exhaust, and a 17tooth front sprocket i think my 320lb butt may be one of the problems but still it should pop up if i scoot back on the seat
  2. GWgiest

    1991 dr650s and many questions

    hey guys and gals, i have a 1991 DR650s with a custom mounted dunebuggy 4" supertrapp "446" and a set of 80-20 tires. im new to riding a bike this size and weight offroad, is this a difficult bike to take offroad?, if any of u are familiar ocotillo wells, that is where i want to go. im not looking at being the fastest, more of just cruisen around have fun id like to pickup a tuned exhaust but it seems like no aftermarket support is availible other than a dynojet kit. it just doesnt seem to have the umph that i think it should, its extreamly difficult to pull the front off the ground and i lost a dragrace to 60 against a supercharged saturn. what all can be done to make this beast get up and go like it should?