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  1. smokebelch

    4t ergos vs 2T ergos

    I read that the 390 has ergos/dimensions that are quite spread out, where the footpegs are further back than other brands and also the distance between the pegs and bars are slightly more than other brands (more like a trials bike I suppose). Which sounds great for me as Ive always felt cramped when standing on other bikes So my question is, are those same ergos applied to the 2T models? I really like the sound of a larger standing area but am looking at a 300 2T so not sure if they are the similar setup to the 4T's cheers
  2. I have a 2011 250 exc-f and need to sort the shock and fork springs to my weight, which is 235 plus riding gear A mate of mine has given me an 8.4 shock spring and some fork springs ( a set of 4.4's and also a set of 4.8's) After speaking with triple d (and not mentioning the springs ive been given) they reckon to order a 7.6 shock spring, but Ive put the 8.4 on and measured the sag and with the static set to exactly 35mm as in the book, the riding sag is 113mm which doesnt seem miles off (in fact it suggests to me that its still on the soft side). So will I be ok with that spring please? Also, which of the 2 fork spring rates of 4.4 and 4.8 would be best for me? For info my riding is mediocre club level Cheers
  3. KTM all the way - not least as it has a kickstart !
  4. Just picked up a 2011 400 exc Is the air filter the same as the 2009 bikes (I seem to remember them saying they changed something in 2010) Just wondering as I have a few filters from my 09 bike that I am hoping to use cheers
  5. smokebelch

    FE390 cramped?

    Hi all I am picking up a 2011 Husaberg FE390 on friday. I have just read a review that says the bike feels cramped for larger riders (I am 6ft 220 pounds). When i sat on the the bike it didnt feel too different from the postiton of my KTM Can anyone tell me if they are cramped compared to KTMs please? Cheers
  6. smokebelch

    Fitting rekluse to 2009 200 exc

    Found answers to my questons .. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=608082
  7. smokebelch

    Fitting rekluse to 2009 200 exc

    Finally took the plunge and bought a Rekluse pro for my 200 .. Are there any "gotchas" or pitfalls I should be aware of when fitting it please? Cheers
  8. smokebelch

    200 xc-w after wr450f

    I run mine at 50:1 on Putoline MX9
  9. smokebelch

    2011 300xc-w , first ride!

    Thats all very nice, but lets see how Spain manages now that you have to start paying into the European Union, rather than taking the 100's of billions of euros out in subsidies as an under developed country like you have for the past few decades. Overall Spain has been one of the leeches of the Union, so I would say that its easy to gloat while other countries are paying for your gravy train. Now back to that gorgeous bike ....
  10. smokebelch

    2009 200 EXC / FMF Gnarly

  11. smokebelch

    2009 ktm xc-w 200 hard to start?

    Ive had dozens of bikes over the years and can honestly say that my 2009 200 is the easiest bike to start that I have ever had. And I mean by a long way ! It starts first kick every single time
  12. smokebelch

    2009 200 EXC / FMF Gnarly

    Looking for some advice on part numbers for fmf gnarly for a 2009 200 EXC please. On the fmf website, they only list up to 2005 for exc's (Item ID: 025085 ) I emailed fmf and got the following response ... Hello Darren, Thank you for you inquiry. The reason you cannot find that product on our website is because we do not carry anything for the 2009 KTM200EXC, we only have product for the 200EXC until 2005. My recommendation to you would be, go to your local dealer and see if they have this item and if not see if they can talk to their distributor and try to get it for you. Thank you and have great day. I then asked whether the gnarly pipe for the XC-W would fit (Item ID: 025087 ), as they do list the pipe for the XC-W right up to 2011, but he told me he doesnt know for sure whether it will fit Can anyone confirm the part number I should go for please? Cheers
  13. smokebelch

    flywheel weight 0n 200 exc

    Thanks for the replies
  14. smokebelch

    flywheel weight 0n 200 exc

    Hi, does a flywheel weight make a noticeable difference on a 200 exc please?
  15. smokebelch

    200 vs 250 2t vs the 4t's

    Just thought I owed a follow up to this thread - not least as a way of thanks for peoples input ... I got myself a brand new (discounted) 2009 200 exc in last week of January and have been grinning ever since The bike is unbelievably light and responsive and will lift the front wheel off the throttle no problem, even with my chunkyness on it. But its the controllable power that I am so in love with, combined with the low weight makes it a dream to ride. FAR less tiring to ride than my 450. Power is just so smooooth and far more torquey than I was expecting too, which is a big bonus I entered my first hare scramble on it 3 weeks back and although I could only manage 2hrs 50mins of the 3.5 hour race (yes I need to get fitter !!), I was grinning all the way round at how quickly I could corner on the many tight bits of the 9 mile lap. And just to show how tight it was, heres someones footage of one of the laps (sorry about the quality) ... I was grinning most when I shot past a mate of mine on the first lap of the race who was riding a 450 exc and had set off 2 mins beforehand in the group in front of me - the same mate that had been calling my 200 "a girls bike and needed tassles " I have just had the suspension re-sprung and re-valved for my weight and have my next race this weekend, so hopefully the bike will be even better For those of you out there that are thinking of getting the 200 but are unsure of its power - let me tell you that it has plenty enough for most ! heres some nice footage of someone on a 200 exc on a practice day on land right next to where I live ... Cheers