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    Race a Suzuki TL1000S in the UK Hill Climb Championships, overall winner in 02/03, Bought CRF to Try
  1. I've been racing a TL1000S for quite a few years in the UK Tarmac Hill Climb Championships. The Supermoto guys have been rapidly getting quicker and this year proved that they can beat the big race bikes, so I thought I'd buy a CRF to run alongside the TL next season before switching completly to the CRF. I'm pretty clued up on engines and do all my own work except crank balancing etc where I don't have the tools etc, but I'm pretty clueless to the quirks and points to watch on the Honda except the frequent oil changes and freshen up every 50 hours or so. I've also been told I should be running 100:1 premix for better lubrication of the valves/guides etc. Any advice would be greatly apprectiated................... It's ex "Rob Mcnealy's" Spare Bike from 03-04. Specifications Include: • Talon/Excel Polished Wheels Inc 5" Rear • Berringer 4 Pot Caliper, Iron 310mm Disc • Berringer Aerotech Supermoto Master • Crash Bobbins • Full Supermoto Suspension By HM Racing • Engine Tweeked (58.9 Bhp Rear Wheel On Hm Dyno. • Full Acropovic Titanium Exhaust • GPS Steering Damper • STM Slipper Clutch & HM Anodised Cover • Renthal Fat Bars • Works Connection Clutch Lever • Cycra Pro Bend Fork Mounted Hand Guards • Wide Foot Pegs • Alloy Catch Tank • Wraparound Rad Guards • Pro Carbon Sump Guard • Quick Shift By HM Racing • Extreme Supermoto Graphics